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At Moscow Poly University study a lot of foreign students

In this section, you will learn how foreign citizens are enrolled: what documents are needed for admission and where to submit them, what is required for enrollment and settlement in a dormitory, as well as you can get all contact information.

Rules of admission at Moscow Poly for foreign citizen

Applying at bachelor's, specialist's and master's programs, foreign applicants submit the following documents to the Department for work with foreign students (N-315):

- notarized copy of passport and notarized translation of passport into Russian;

- notarized copy of educational documents and notarized translation of these documents and their appendices into Russian;

- presence of consular legalization and apostille on documents;

- nostrification (in the absence of international agreements between countries on mutual recognition);

4 photos 3×4.

You can see the list of specialties that the University admits foreign citizens and stateless persons in 2022 in Appendix 4.1 to the Admission Rules.

Admission to the additional General education program for training foreign citizens and stateless persons to master professional programs in Russian

To study, foreign citizens must submit a number of documents to the Preparatory Department (address: Moscow, Bolshaya Semyonovskaya street, 38, building N, room 314) until October 01, 2022:

To receive an invitation to the Preparatory Department, the following set of documents is required:

• personal application (to be filled when you submit documents);

• notarized copy of passport and notarized translation of passport into Russian;

• notarized document of education (copy and original);

• paid state duty for the invitation (800 rubles)

IMPORTANT! Documents (scans) can be sent by email. The invitation can be sent by email at the request of the applicant


To be enrolled you must present:

-     paid contract (for students who study on a paid basis);

-     referral (for students who study under the quota).

Documents required for living in a dormitory

-     Copy of a passport with a notarized translation;

-     2 photos 3x4;

-     Results of medical examinations: fluorography, dermatological, AIDS, RW blood tests;

-     Data on vaccinations (against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, hepatitis B). They can be issued in the form of a certificate of vaccination, an extract from a medical card (certified by a medical institution);

-     Copy of a medical insurance;

-     Documents for minors registration (consent of a legal representative, copy of a parent's passport, birth certificate).

Dormitory payment
Contact information
Department for work with foreign students
Address: 38 B. Semyonovskaya str., building "N", room 315
Phone: +7 (495) 223-05-23 EXT. 1413, 1150, 1151, 1152
In the Personal Cabinet of the applicant: To log in, you must first click the "Register" button, and then "Log in".
You can find out the results of the exams on the website in the section "Admission Committee": Name rating lists of applicants
Registration is handled by the Department of Consular -Visa Support and Migration Registration if the student lives in a dormitory. So, students of Intramural form of study are provided  places at a dormitory for the entire period of study, students of Extramural form of study - only at the period of studying process and examination sessions (two or three weeks every six months), students On-site and Off-site form of study are not provided.

According to Federal law No. 163, which came into force on July 08, 2018, foreign citizens are required to be registered for migration registration at the address of their actual residence.
Yes, students are provided with dormitories. You can see them at this link
To enter the University on a paid form you must pass the entrance tests and pass the threshold for the established minimum points in the subjects
Some categories of applicants can take entrance exams at the University. The list of categories can be found in section 2.2.5 of the Admission Rules. All documents and applications can be seen on this page
Foreigners from the CIS countries, except citizens of Turkmenistan and Georgia, have the right to be enrolled on the fee tuition form with a residence permit
Yes, you can:

1) in accordance with International Treaties and Intergovernmental Agreements of the Russian Federation at the expense of budgetary allocations of the Federal budget.

2) confirming the status of a compatriot
Nostrification (recognition) in the Russian Federation of foreign education and (or) foreign qualifications is understood as official confirmation of the significance (level) of education and (or) qualifications obtained in a foreign country with the granting of academic and (or) professional rights to the holder. Academic rights grant the holder of a foreign education and / or a foreign qualification the right to continue studying in educational (scientific) organizations of the Russian Federation.

The procedure of recognition of foreign documents on education can be done in the "Glavekspertcentr".

Contact details:

+7 (495) 317-17-10
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