Participation in the Olympiad is a unique opportunity for early admission to a tuition-free Master's or PhD program at one of the leading universities in Russia.

About Olympiad

Eligible Participants

Foreign citizens and stateless persons, including compatriots living abroad, having or completing Bachelor’s, Specialist’s or Master’s degrees for relevant education tracks in the year of the Olympiad final.

Benefits for participants

Free early admission to the chosen Master’s or PhD program at one of the top Russian universities.

Official languages and Format of the Olympiad

The Olympiad is organised online in English and Russian.


Stage I. September 15-December 22, 2023 (Master’s and PhD tracks)

  • Online registration on the Olympiad website.
  • Entry test (marked automatically).
  • Portfolio submission by the participant and uploading supporting documents into the system.
  • Portfolio evaluation.
  • Publication of participants names who proceed to Stage II.

Stage II. January 09 – January 18, 2024 (Master’s and PhD tracks)

  • Completing Olympiad tasks in proctoring mode.
  • Publication of the winners and prize-winners lists in the Master's track.
  • Publication of Stage III participants in Stage III (PhD track).
  • Announcement of participants who completed the Olympiad with high achievements.

Stage III. February 26 – March 13, 2024 (PhD track)

  • Online interviews with potential supervisors and/or postgraduate track managers.
About University

Moscow Polytechnic University goes back to 1864 and continues the traditions of its predecessors remaining one of the largest technical universities in Russia. It is a dynamic education institution with focus on providing quality STEAM education, meeting real-world challenges through project-based training, research and science, and a strong emphasis on societal impact. 

To ensure students are equipped for the future and upcoming challenges, the university helps to develop 21st-century hard and soft skills in collaboration with key partners from industry and business. This also helps graduates to increase graduate employment opportunities. 

Moscow Polytechnic University is an innovation center that implements a key “green economy” project around building an affordable electric car, looking to meet key challenges of the automotive, energy and engineering industries. 

Moscow Polytechnic University attracts students by centrally located infrastructure and a variety of programs, including in transport, mechanical and chemical engineering and technology, biotechnology, IT, urban studies, economics and management. Opportunities exist in printing and media, as well as journalism. 

Moscow Polytechnic University is a home to more than 18 500 students, including 1 461 international students from 68 countries.



  • Top-10 facts about Moscow Polytech
    • Moscow’s city campus close to lively cafes, parks, coworking and iconic entertainment venues.
    • Student support with study, housing, cultural, health and mental, practical issues.
    • National leader in project-based training around STEAM.
    • Practice-oriented programs and internships that set you up for career success with industry-leading educators and employers.
    • Over 10 scientific and technical centers; the Advanced Electric Vehicle Engineering School facing challenges of environmental sustainability and whose MIG-R electric bike set a world speed record on ice in 2020.
  • And
    • Counseling in practical and career orientation.
    • 750+ industry partners.
    • A vibrant uni community with over 50+ clubs and societies, sports, volunteering and events on offer run with the support of the Moscow Polytech Student Union and the International Student Club.
    • Social and discounted student cards for public transport, chemist’s, supermarkets, museums and exhibition halls.
    • Free Internet at campus and dormitories.
Master’s Programs

01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics (System Analytics of Big Data)

09.04.01 Computer Science and Engineering (Intelligent systems)

09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies (Mobile Technologies)

27.04.04 Control in Engineering Systems (Control of robotic devices)

27.04.04 Control in Engineering Systems (Unmanned robotics and ergonomics)

27.04.04 Control in Engineering Systems (Highly automated vehicles)

13.04.03 Power Engineering (Power plants for transport and small-scale power generation)

15.04.01 Mechanical Engineering (Digital Technologies in Additive and Blank Production)

16.04.03 Refrigeration, cryogenic technology and life-support systems (Cryogenic technologies for the hydrogen industry and liquefied gas systems)

20.04.01 Technosphere Safety (Labour supervision and inspection)

23.04.02 Ground transportation and technological complexes (Racing engineering)

23.04.02 Ground transportation and technological complexes (Automotive mechatronics)

54.04.01 Design (Engineering Design)

27.04.02 Quality Control (Quality Control in Industry 4.0)

27.04.02 Quality Control (Business systems management)

27.04.02 Quality Control (Management of digital transformation of an organisation)

42.04.01 Advertising and public relations (Technologies of mediasphere analysis)

42.04.03 Publishing (Modern Publishing Process: Innovative Practices)

42.04.03 Publishing (Modern Publishing Process: Innovative Practices)

PhD Programs
About Moscow
Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation and the most populous city in the country with a population of over 13 million people.

Moscow is located in the center of the European part of Russia with a temperate continental climate. Comfortable temperatures will allow you to fully enjoy the four distinct seasons and get unforgettable impressions and experiences in a new country, from Moskva River trips on electric boats to ice skating in Red Square and skiing in 26 city parks.

Moscow ranked 25th in the world in terms of attractiveness of life and study for students (QS Best Student Cities 2022). The UN named the capital the best metropolis in the world in terms of infrastructure development and quality of life, where leadership was ensured by strong positions in higher and secondary education, science and museum development categories. Experts praised the low crime rate and high quality of public space (UN, 2022).

Moscow is a dream city for students in terms of building career opportunities. It attracts a large number of foreign students, and you can meet your compatriots here.

Moscow offers a diverse cultural scene, from the Red Square and the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater and the Tretyakov Gallery to the Moscow Metro, countless museums, galleries and parks.

In Moscow, you will enjoy “City Wi-Fi” within the city center, centrally located parks, libraries, museums, and “MosKino” cinemas.

Learn closely and comfortably

Moscow Polytechnic University attracts students by centrally located infrastructure and the city built-in environment. The main campus is just three stops by metro to the heart of Moscow – the iconic Red Square. Various accommodation options close to study locations make commuting easy and allow to enjoy the student vibrant life.

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Dormitories in Moscow
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