University Administration


Vladimir V. Miklushevskii — President;

Igor I. Vatulin — First Vice-President;

Alexander V. Agafonov – Vice-President for Security;

Yulia D. Davydova — Vice-President for International Affairs;

Marina V. Dulyasova – Vice-President for Developing Firther Professional Education and Cooperation with Partners; 

Ilya O. Krasilnikov — Vice-President for Digital Development;

Anton Yu. Nalivaiko — Vice-President for Scientific Affairs;

Pavel O. Rodionov — Vice-President for Campus Management;

Olga O. Chernykh — Vice-President for Student Activities and Social Work;

Gyuzel Kh. Sharipzyanova — Vice-President for Academic Affairs;

Yulia E. Gorina – Director for Communications with Students and Alumni;

Rinat G. Idrisov – Director for Development of Branches and Representative Offices;

Marina I. Lukashova – Director for Student`s Village Development;

Nikolay D. Selivyorstov – Director for Educational Policy;

Maria M. Timar — Director for Planning and Organization of Budget Process;

Ekaterina L. Khokhlogorskaya — Creative Director;

Olesya V. Yasevich – Director for Public Relations;

Oleg V. Sholokhov — Head of President's Office;

Viktor G. Nazarov — Scientific Secretary;

Nikolay M. Nitkin — Chairman of University Staff and Students Union (by agreement);

Alexandra A. Sedelnikova – Vice-Chairman of the Joint Board of Students.

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