Persons with Disabilities

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In this section you will find all the information for persons with disabilities and the limited possibilities of health.
Opportunities and conditions of education for students with disabilities

Moscow Polytechnic University has created the conditions for education for students with disabilities There is an accessible environment sufficient to provide unhindered access for students and workers with disabilities to educational buildings at the following addresses: Moscow, Bolshaya Semyonovskaya str. 38 bldg. 12  Avtozavodskaya 16 bldg 5 str. Sadovaya-spasskaya 4 bldg 6 Str. The university has organized registration of students with disabilities.

Students with disabilities, like all other students, can study on same time settings. If necessary, taking into account the characteristics and educational needs of specific students, individual curricula are developed. For each discipline of curricula of educational programs, methodological documents have been developed, including methodological recommendations for self-mastering courses. Internships for students with disabilities and students with disabilities are organized based on an individualized approach.

Particular attention is paid to the protection of health of students among persons with disabilities. In the building at: Moscow, Bolshaya Semyonovskaya, 38, office A-107 there is a medical office where the necessary primary health care is provided, a periodic examination of students with disabilities is performed. The university has a counseling center for psychological assistance for all students, with a staff of 2 people. The program on the protection of students' health at Moscow Poly has been approved and is functioning.

Library and Information Centre of the University at: Moscow, Avtozavodskaya 16 bldg 5 str. Sadovaya-spasskaya 4 bldg 6 Str. Pryanishnikova, d. 2A, provides services to students among persons with disabilities, namely:

  • grants access to book funds and electronic resources of the library
  • accepts orders for publications and other documents (remotely);
  • selects and delivers literature and other documents to the place of stay of students at the university;
  • assists in working with electronic and card catalog;
  • organizes remote access to electronic library systems (ELS) and other electronic resources.

All ELS are equipped with versions for the visually impaired. ELS “Lan” has integrated services for blind students, which allow you to work effectively with ELS. A speech synthesizer is integrated into the ELS mobile app “Lan”. Using the service, blind students can:

  • Navigate both the catalog and the text of the book;
  • listen to voiced books on a mobile device;
  • adjust the speed of speech reproduction;
  • make the transition on sentences, paragraphs or chapters of the book.

To master the discipline "Physical Culture", students with disabilities are offered tasks and a special set of exercises for independent physical improvement in accordance with the work program of the disciplines. For students with disabilities, classes are held with accessible physical activity, taking into account the characteristics of each student. Classes are held in a specially equipped gym at: Moscow, Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 38, A-112.

Employees of the university selection committee work in compliance with the law regarding the admission of applicants with disabilities.

The campus facility is fully equipped - dormitory number 8 at: Moscow, Rizhsky Drive 15 bldg.  2 and is accessible for use by persons with disabilities The hostel provides 3 residential premises (57.6 sq.m) on the 1st floor for 7 persons with disabilities. The conformity of the hostel for use by persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities is confirmed by the conclusion of the Public Inspectorate for Disabled People in Moscow (Act No. 1 of the inspection of the existing infrastructure in Moscow dated January 31, 2017).

The university has developed local regulatory documents that govern the organization of the educational process for persons with disabilities

Specialized parking lots have been prepared for people with disabilities in accordance with GOST R 52289 and GOST R 12.4.026 at the following addresses: Moscow, Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 38 Building 12 - 2 parking spaces, Moscow, Avtozavodskaya street, 16, p. 5 - 2 parking spaces, Moscow, Sadovaya-spasskaya 4 bldg 6 Str. Information plates are placed on the availability of situational assistance to persons with disabilities made in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 52875.

The entrances to the above-mentioned academic buildings of the university are equipped with ramps in accordance with the requirements for accessibility of the environment for people with reduced mobility SNiP 35.01.2001, SP 42.13330, GOST R 51261, GOST R 52875.

In order to ensure the adoption of collegial decisions on the organization of the educational process for people with disabilities and persons with disabilities, to determine the main directions and coordinate work on the development of inclusive education, a permanent commission has been created at the university by order of the President

In order to fulfill the requirements for the organization of the educational process for training persons with disabilities, the Institute approved an action plan for organizing the educational process for teaching persons with disabilities.

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