• Database of the Web of Science Core Collection

    Web of Science Core Collection is the leading international reference database on scientific publications. Web of Science Core Collection is located at the information platform Web of Science. Besides Web of Science Core Collection, a number of other databases for research are located at the platform, including regional databases (reference lists/indices) of scientific citing, like Russian Science Citation Index.

  • Scopus

    Reference and scientometric electronic database “Scopus” defines indexes for not less than 20 500 research journals under reference, that are published by not less than 5 000 publishers and contain not less than 47 million bibliographic entries, out of which not less than 24 million include the lists of cited literature.

  • Database Nano

    The Nano database has become available for all RFFR grant receivers for the first time ever. This unique resource presents the data about more than 200 000 nano materials and nano devices, collected from the most authoritative scientific publications.

  • Database zbMath

    zbMATH is the most complete mathematical database, covering materials since late 19 century. zbMATH contains about 4 000 000 documents from over 3 000 journals and 170 000 books in math, statistics, informatics, and, also, engineering, physics, natural sciences, etc.

  • Database Springer Protocols

    Springer Protocols is an invaluable resource for modern research laboratories. This largest database of renewable laboratory protocols (over 40 000) provides access to reliable and proven data, accumulated during the last 30 years.

  • Platform Nature

    Over 90 natural science journals, including the oldest and one of the most authoritative scientific journals – Nature.

  • Database Springer Materials

    Springer Materials is a most complete data base, describing properties and characteristics of materials. It accumulates information from such disciplines as materials science, physics, physical and inorganic chemistry, engineering, etc.

  • Platform Springer Link

    • Over 3 000 Springer journals 1997 – 2018
    • Over 70 000 Springer e-books 2005 – 2017 (2005 – 2010 via RFFR and 2011 – 2017 via SPSTL), including monographs, reference books and conferences’ collected papers.
  • Database JSTOR

    JSTOR database includes the following sets of materials Arts & Sciences:

    Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology —

    All arts, humanities, and social sciences —

    Business, Economics, Archaeology, Anthropology, Social and Political Sciences, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies —

    Business, Economics, Sociology, Education, Finance, History of Science, Technology & medicine, Public Policy & Administration —

    Law, Political Science, Education, Sociology, Criminology, Social Work, Psychology, Asian Studies —

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