March 2023

Moscow Poly Dveeloped Courses in Additive Technologies for “Moscow Technical School”

“Moscow Technical School” launches an educational course in additive technologies. Three new learning modules developed by Moscow Poly is designed both for the experienced experts and beginning specialists.

According to the head of Moscow department for investment and industrial policy Vladislav Ovchinskiy, Moscow Poly specialists developed three learning modules in additive technologies for further professional training of the Moscow engineers. The education will be held within the “Moscow Technical School” project, as reported on the official website of Moscow mayor.

Currently there are four field of studies available at “Moscow Technical School” – “Artificial Intelligence”, “Microelectronics and Photonics”, “Communication Technology” and “Additional Technologies”. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation between Moscow Poly and Moscow Technical School, 3 educational modules were added to the “Additive Technologies” program. On this base the students will acquire all necessary theoretical competencies in 3D technologies, and master all practical methods of 3D printing in full scope, that will all in all allow them successfully apply the acquired knowledge in the process of their work, – highlighted the head of the agency.

The first module accounts for 234 academic hours and is devoted to 3D modelling, reverse engineering and bionic design. Within this course, the students will also be introduced to the basics of material science, as well as technologies, equipment used in this sphere.

The second module – “Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment” – is designed for 90 academic hours. The specialists will talk about the blank production technologies, 3D prototyping and basics of preliminary data processing in 3D printing. In addition to that, students will know about the additive manufacturing theory and technology, basics of basic blank and additive production areas design and organization, as well as professional equipment.

In the course of the third module –“3D Modeling, Reverse Engineering and Bionic Design” – implies 72 academic hours where students will study computer parametric engineering, 3D modelling and details screening, nuances of reverse engineering and bionic design.

The modules are design both for the engineers who`d like to advance their knowledge in 3D printing, and for the starting specialists who are only getting acquainted with the methods of three dimensional objects. “Moscow Poly has been training specialists in the sphere of additive technologies since 2014 and has formed and considerable experience in the process of bachelor and master educational programs implementation. Under cooperation with Moscow Technical School we`ve developed and opened an intake for the three programs of further professional training and professional retraining. The programs are divided into modules, the choice of the program and its contents are determined by the student`s preferences and skills” – shared the candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor, head of the “Additive Technologies” educational program under Moscow Poly Pavel Petrov.

He added that the programs developed are designed for mastering new skills, as well as acquiring new knowledge and competences according to the “Specialist in Additive Technologies” professional standard. Upon the completion of the program the students will be awarded certificates of professional development of a fixed form that will allow them to operate innovative additive technologies in their professional activity.

To take part in the project, one has to fill in an application on the website of the project or Moscow investment website.

For reference: Moscow Technical School is a project by Moscow government launched in 2021. The project strives to help Moscow engineers upgrade their qualification in terms of operation innovation technologies that help manage production processes and develop industrial potential. Moscow Technical School hold plans to launch 9 fields of study – “Communication Technology“, “Additive Technologies“, “Industrial Artificial Intelligence”, “Microelectronics and Photonics”, “Robotics and Sensorics”, “Digital Twins”, “New Production Technologies”, “Unmanned Vehicles”.

Picture by fabrikasimf на Freepik.

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