June 2024

Moscow Polytech Summarizes Results of Reciting Contest

Moscow Polytech held III Reciting Contest “Russia, My Soul” supported by grant “Rysskiy Mir”. For the first time in three years, the contest was held online due to a large number of applications.


Over 100 people fr om 34 countries submitted their applications, and among them 40 people fr om around the globe became finalists. The contest comprised two sections: students fr om international universities who study Russian and bilingual students, as well as students from philological universities. 


The event took place in the atmosphere of friendly cooperation wh ere, according to the participants, every person enjoyed the process. The evaluation was provided by the expert jury that comprised:

Yulia Davydova, Moscow Polytech vice-president for international affairs

Ruslan Prokhorov, head of Center for Science and Culture in Karachi (Pakistan)

Natalya Zhadovets, candidate  candidate of historical sciences, representative of Center for Science and Culture in Pakistan, teacher of Russian as a foreign language at Russian House in Karachi

Alexander Shabaltin, director general at Center for Humanitarian Technologies Development “New Era”

Ekaterina Dyniak, teacher of Russian as a foreign language at Russian House in New-Delhi (India)

The list of winners:


Grand-prix: Angelina Kokoeva (South Ossetia)

1 place: Behruz Kiyani (Iran)

2 place: Beyzanur Yildirim (Turkey)

3 place: Rastinyar Sevil (Iran)

Award “For Artistry”: Ozge Kurai (Turkey)

Award “For Originality”: Joel Eduardo (Peru)


Grand-prix: Andrei Smirnov (Egypt)

1 place: Zamira Azimova (Tajikistan)

2 place: Kseniia Zavaliy (Moldova)

3 place: Saodatkhon Makhkambaeva (Tajikistan)

Award “For Artistry”: Elyor Ruzikulov (Uzbekistan)

Award “For Originality”: Rayona Kobilova (Uzbekistan)

The event was taking placing in the course of 2 days. During this period of time, the organizers held a seminar called “Russian Poets and Writers that Touch Souls” and a quiz “Cultural Peculiarities of Russia” that many participants were interested in.

The contest will also take place offline from June 13 to 15, wh ere 50 finalists will compete with each other.

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