June 2024

Moscow Polytech Introduces AI to Increase Effectiveness of Admission Campaign and Transform Education

Moscow Polytech adopts AI technologies to transform the key process of the University starting from admission campaign to educational activity. Pilot AI projects are expected to make the work of the University more effective and bring the quality of services provided to a whole new level.

One of the key initiatives is developing an intellectual chat bot to simplify and speed up the communication with enrollees. The chat bot will be able to independently answer enrollees` questions by using Moscow Polytech data base. This will allow to significantly ease the burden on admission office workers and speed up the processing of requests that enrollees submit. 

Thanks to AI we`ll be able to make the admission procedure more effective and convenient for the enrollees. The chat bot that can provide answers to the typical questions, which will increase the speed and quality of communication with enrollees, whereas the admission officers will be able to focus on more complex and non-trivial tasks”, noted the vice-president for digital development Ilya Krasilnikov.

Another application of AI is generating educational content. Moscow Polytech, together with Yandex, launches a project for using Yandex GPT services for automated development of materials and micro courses. The generative model will be taught using the profile content of the University.

“Generative models are a groundbreaking technology that will help to make an educational revolution. We expect that the results of our shared pilot project with Yandex will demonstrate that AI is able to make automated the process of developing educational materials, make it accustomed to individual demands of students and make it more interactive and engaging. This will allow to bring educational to a whole new level”, emphasized Ilya Krasilnikov.

Moscow Polytech will continue introducing groundbreaking technologies by means of adapting the digital practices to the tasks of higher education. Innovative projects of the University aim at increasing the quality of education, process optimization and provision of new-generation services to students and enrollees.

Apart from AI adoption, Moscow Polytech has switched to using the unified university platform 1C in order to manage personnel at the University affiliations. This is the first project for consolidation of technological platforms of the University headquarters and its affiliations aimed at unifying HR process, increasing the transparency and efficiency of resource management at all University departments.

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