April 2024

“Making Friends in Russia is Not Difficult” – International Students about Life in Russia and Studying at Moscow Polytech

Moscow Polytech continues a series of interviews with its international students. Moscow Polytech student from Nigeria Gregory Ofulue Oweazim shared his favorite places to visit in Moscow, what he likes about the city and why the capital look like Dubai.

Why did you decide to study in Russia?

I``ve always liked travelling. I`ve been to many countries. When I studied at school there was a man who moved to Russia and was telling about the life here. Once, I met this man at work and he was talking about this country [Russia] in a way that one couldn`t not get interested. I was really impressed, so I decided to find out personally what Russia is and obtain my second degree here.

Why did you choose this specialization?

My program is called “Project Management”. I got my first degree in “Business Administration”. Back home I established a house selling and renting business. I wanted to obtain a specialization that would allow me to improve my company and tune in organization processes.

Why did you decided to study at Moscow Polytech specifically?

Back then I`d already started my preparatory course in Irkutsk. After graduation I realized that anted to move to Moscow. I visited in 2022. As soon as I left the airport I saw a wonderful place that I came to my liking right away. So, I decided to apply for the local universities. It was important for me to study in English. That`s how I found this program at Moscow Polytech.

What do you like best about Moscow?

It`s a very developed city with modern technologies and transport system. It`s also very safe here. In this sense, Moscow can be compared to Dubai. I`d lived there for 4 years. You can walk here any time not thinking about safety.

What`s your favorite place in Moscow?

I don`t have much time, so there are no so many places that I visited. But my favorite place is probably Red Square.

Was it difficult to adapt in the beginning?

No. I had certain difficulties with visa but all of that settled down.

Did anyone help you in the beginning?

Yes, the international [programs] department employees helped and explained a lot. And also resolved some documents-related issues.

Do you participate in the University life?

Recently, I`ve visited an event by the international club. They had a quiz there for the international students. It was fun.


Is it difficult to study Russian?

Of course! I did my best to learn it before moving to Moscow but when I came I realized that understanding it by ear is more difficult. I couldn`t get used to it. And still I speak a little bit of Russian.

Do you have a favorite Russian dish?

I didn`t that many. I like plov but I`m not sure that it`s a Russian dish.

Is communication with Russians easy?

Yes, they`re very friendly and empathetic. Every time I needed help on the street. They were happy to explain anything to me.

What do you like the most during your studies?

Very interesting and kind teachers. I especially like my history teacher. He teaches the materials in a very interesting manner. You can learn a lot about the country and its traditions on his classes.

What advice would you give to someone who just came to Russia for the first time?

They should be ready that it`s very cold here. Also, they have to learn to understand Russian people and their culture: listen to them more and talk to them. Making friends in Russia is not difficult.

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