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Moscow Polytech
13 January 2020

Konstantin Noskov and Vladimir Miklushevskii Summarized the Results of the Vocational Retraining Program on the Subject Chief Data Officer


At the boiling Point in Moscow Polytechnic University Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov and the President of Moscow Polytechnic University Vladimir Miklushevskii discussed the results of the professional retraining program "Data-Based Management-Chief Data Officer in Government".

The program was developed by the Center for Projects and Practices of CDO of Moscow Polytechnic University, established jointly with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the University 20.35. Participants of the educational program were 68 employees of the Department of Information Technology of Moscow, Heads of State Authorities and Universities of the Yaroslavl region, representatives of Federal Ministries and magistrates of Universities.

"This year we started implementing the first projects under the National program "Digital Economy". New information technologies require not only automation of business processes but also their radical restructuring and reengineering. This requires new methods of management and decision-making based on data analysis processing, " said Vladimir Miklushevskii.

The participants of the educational program studied in an intensive mode ‑ within 2.5 months they mastered more than 250 hours of face-to-face training  and distance training  on three key tracks:

Technology, which studied data-based management technologies, artificial intelligence, mathematical statistics, machine learning, and data visualization;

Expert, where existing big data analysts (Data Scientists), data management Directors (CDO) of Sberbank, Rostelecom and others shared real cases and their experience;

Project, where students under the guidance of experienced moderators from the Agency for strategic design, presented real tasks from their working practice, developed datasets, technical tasks, and together with students ‑ prototypes of future services.

Today, cross-cutting technologies including big data, are one of the priority areas of Moscow's digitalization. Every day the capital's information systems generate and process a huge amount of data about the transport situation in the city, the housing and utilities system and public services. The analysis of these data allows us to identify what factors  have influence on the development of  Moscow and the typical problems faced by the city and its residents. In the end, working with data makes it possible to improve the efficiency of management decisions, improve existing services and make them more convenient for Muscovites, " said Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Moscow Government and Head of the Information Technology Department.

Vera Adaeva - Head of the Digital Development Center of the Agency for strategic Initiatives, Alexey Anisimov and Dmitry Derelyak -  Deputy heads of the Moscow Department of Information Technology, and others took part in the discussion of the training results.

"A special feature of the pilot program was a large number of partners. We used courses from SkillFactory, one of the market leaders in Data Science training, to conduct remote blocks of training . For individual modules, we have collaborated with Visiology and VivaldiAI, Yaroslavl Polytechnic University and URFU. In fact, we were not only a training provider but also an educational integrator, combining the top expertise of many participants. And this gave a synergistic effect", - summed up the Head of educational program of the center for projects and practices of CDO, Dean of the it Faculty of Moscow Polytechnic University Andrey Filippovich.


Currently, IT Faculty of the Moscow Polytechnic University implements 7 bachelor's programs, 6 master's programs, 1 specialty program, and also a post-graduate program. In the educational process, a project approach is used, and classes in applied disciplines are conducted by representatives of the industry. Since 2014 the faculty has launched new educational programs which were developed together with professionals from the Association of Internet Developers, 1C, Autodesk,, B-152, Kaspersky Lab and other leading IT companies.









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