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Moscow Polytech
30 December 2019

Students of Moscow Poly Develop Glider with Electric Propulsion

Nowadays there is sustainable trend in using of electric propulsion (EP) in aviation. There have been already appeared two-seater aircraft with EP along with unmanned aerial vehicle used by large companies for delivering of different goods. By the way big aircraft corporations develop airliners using this technology. Using of electric motors as propulsion has a series of advantages. For example, they have more sustainable performance versus a piston engine. Electric propulsions are lighter, smaller and simpler: some of them have just only one moving part while a piston motor must have additional cooling and fuel systems. Service and technical costs reduce therefore simple using and high specific characteristic. In addition, using of electric airplanes reduce release that are vital for ecology. Moscow Poly don`t stand aside and develop a glider with EP, trying to reach the era of electric aircraft.

The project leaders are Alexey Sychov and Kirill Balyasnii. Both of them are professional engineers and work in aircraft bureau and they also graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute. On this stage Moscow Poly students hardly work and get a big package of knowledge, improving not only mechanical knowledge, but also electro technical and programming ones. Students learn technological processes of metal refining, machine tool, composite materials and projecting of parts, assemblies, create drafts, aggregates and whole airplane.

During the project there was developed the one-seater airplane with wingspan of 11 meters and 5 meters in length. Demounted size let keep it in a garage. Simple construction and excellent reparability make this aircraft unique in its class. Onboard devices allow monitoring all parameters of EP working and warning a pilot about critical moments.

Power plant EP has a two-bladed propeller with a 15 kilowatt electro motor that weighs 7 kilograms.  70 kilogram starting pool allows taking off from 30 meters.  Flying time is 25 minutes allowing flying up and gaining a height of 30 meters.

The main part of EP is accumulators. The battery charging is 2 hours. The cost of charging is below 50 rubles and it is very economical for the 25 minutes flight. Moreover, using of several batteries reduced time between flights. The age of accumulator is 1000 cycles and 250 cycles will be without any deterioration of characteristics.

The projecting and creating of these aircrafts reduced the cost of flights that makes them easy as a road trip. According to experts, using of EP allows to reduce a service cost and exploitation of airliners more than half.









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