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19 December 2019

In Memory of Mikhail Fedorovich Nenashev

The head of  Journalism and Popular Communications Department  of  Moscow Poly professor Mikhail Fedorovich Nenashev passed away on 15 Dec. 2019.

Mikhail Fedorovich is the favorite editor in chief of newspaper «Soviet Russia» ahead of its time, political and public personality brought along generation of excellent  journalists and editors.

We are very proud that Periodical Press Department (nowadays Journalism and Popular Communications Department) was created in University of  Press on Feb. 2005 leading by Mikhail Fedorovich.

After year in 2006 the department held first recruitment campaign for journalism specialty. Then first 33 journalists graduated from it leading by Mikhail Fedorovich.

Our university became a home for his socially responsible, true civil, Russian style journalism school. The main subject of his ideology is great history of our country, devotion to printing, work, which is to the benefit of future generations.

Nowadays there are over 700 department graduates. They are journalists and editors of leading media, reviewers and reporters, press headers of  public and commercial structures. All of them are excellent specialists, experts and good people that we are proud of.

Mikhail Fedorovich always stays for us as a professional and moral vector. His sensitivity, kindness, sympathy suprisely harmonized with severity and integrity. Besides his wisdom and experience in deciding perfectly got along with ideas youth. He just went to the changes and led the staff without any vanity.

Students, co-workers, Moscow Polytechnic University graduates have shared this time of grief with his family.

Rest now, Dear Mikhail Fedorovich!

We all do the best to be said: «Department ahead of its time».

The funeral ceremony will be held in Troyekurovskoye Cemetery on 17 Dec. at 10 AM.









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