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Moscow Polytech
3 September 2019

Hyundai Sent students of the Faculty of Information Technologies for an Internship in South Korea

Five students of the faculty of information technology of Moscow Polytechnic University arrived in South Korea for undergoing internship at Ulsan University and at the plant of Hyundai Motor Group as part of the student exchange program.

The student exchange program of Moscow Polytechnic University and Ulsan University, which is supported by Hyundai Motor Group, was launched more than 10 years ago. Over the years, 45 talented students have had the opportunity to study in South Korea, — said Alexey Kalitsev, Managing Director of “Hyundai Motor CIS”. — During the whole semester they study at Ulsan University, simultaneously getting acquainted with the peculiarities of technological processes at one of our largest plants in the world."


Students who are undergoing the internship now are: Andrei Nedov, Kristina Mironova, Oleg Botnar’, Alice Turaeva and Elizar Ospennikov. They were selected by faculty staff of departments and interviewed for knowledge of English in the Department of International Programs. Ulsan University, was founded in 1970 by Hyundai Heavy Industries in the industrial capital of the Republic of Korea. There is a unique educational building for students from Russia on the territory of campus. This year the main focus of their internship will be the development of unmanned vehicles. This subject was chosen not by chance, it is one of the leading trends in the global Automotive Industry. In addition, special training modules on the Theory of Evaluation, Design, Mechanics, Control of Robotic Manipulators and the Basics of the Korean Language were prepared for students. Russian students have already completed distance learning courses on the History and Culture of South Korea, as well as learned about the main stages of development of Hyundai.

The internship at Ulsan University and Hyundai plant in South Korea lasts one term. Thereafter students will be able to continue the development of drones at Moscow Poly using the basis of Hyundai Creta, which will be transferred to our university by ”Hyundai Motor CIS”.









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