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Moscow Polytech
5 August 2019

Milan vs. Moscow: Where to Study Automotive Design?

Designer Ilya Razumov refused a grant to study at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan for studying at Master’s degree educational program at Moscow Polytechnic University. He was invited a month before graduation to an internship at Porsche design Studio and developed the concepts of LADA X-Flow and LADA X-Moove cars, which became widely discussed in the professional community. He told about his projects and where to study Russian car designer to make a career abroad.

Course project and “Future Flagship of LADA”
LADA X-Flow is a course project made by Razumov within the period of his studies at the Moscow Polytechnic University. The project was curated by the chief designer of AVTOVAZ Steve Mattin and the Head of Moscow design Studio LADA Julien Druar.

"I worked on a project in the framework of the competition, which LADA held among students of Moscow Polytechnic University and St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry named after A. L. Shtiglits, —  said Ilya.

— We were given freedom in our actions, it was possible to choose a car of any class, the main thing — to reveal the concept. I decided that in the capitals of the LADA could be popular due to its aggressive design and a sporty nature. We met weekly with Julien Drouard, he made adjustments, gave advice. Each time I prepared 30-40 new sketches for these meetings. Participation in the competition and the opportunity to work with such professionals helped me to make a great in the professional aspects."

The main task of the project was to create a concept car LADA of the future, aimed at promoting domestic cars in the capitals: Moscow and St. Petersburg, as there are the main sales of cars of this brand in these regions. As a result, such a car should have a bright, expressive – simply put, "youth" appearance.
As a result we have a "hot" C-class hatchback. A modern X-style has found its continuation in the air intakes, sources of inspiration in the creation of the concept were famous symbols of Russian architecture, art and industry, such as the Kremlin stars, drawbridges of St. Petersburg and masterpieces of avant-garde painting which were expressed in the works of Kandinsky and Malevich.

Ilya Razumov also became the author of the concept LADA X-Moove, developed in the framework of the project "Future flagship LADA", which was organized by Moscow Polytechnic University together with the Moscow Design Studio LADA. "The priority in the work on this project for me was design, — says Ilya. — Without claiming to be a fantastic profound vision of the future concept, I tried to develop a practical beautiful car with good proportions, interesting details and at the same time to stay within the DNA of LADA trying to contrive my own alternative vision of X-graphics. Lada X-Moove is a one-box car, a hybrid of family van, SUV and sports car. From the minivan it takes arrangement and practicality, from the SUV — ground clearance, and from the sports car — dynamics and emotions."
 Porsche and alma mater of successful Russian automobile designers

In addition to LADA competitions, Ilya Razumov participates in others: for example, last year he took part in the Sketchfighter competition, organized by together with Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD), and taking first place, won a grant of 17 000 euros, which fully covers the training costs of Master’s degree educational program SPD. "I wrote in social networks to various car designers, Russian-speaking and not only who work in this industry abroad.

 None of them was interested part, but 14 out of 15 people advised me not to quit my studies in the fourth year course and get a diploma of Moscow Polytechnic University, and then undergo  an internship. As a result, I refused to study in Milan, did a very successful diploma work in Moscow and received an invitation to an internship from Porsche before its graduation, — Ilya said. — If we are talking about Russian designers working in the world of automotive companies, 80% of them graduated from  MAMI or Moscow Polytechnic University. This fact says a lot about the quality of education at our University. So I decided to stay at Alma Mater and study for a Master’s degree educational program  in Moscow. At the same time, I will spend a few six months of training on an internship in the Porsche design Studio in Austria. I was easy to get there: I sent my portfolio, was interviewed by Skype and was selected from among the candidates from around the world."









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