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Moscow Polytech
27 June 2019

Creativity as a Key to the Future Where People Can Compete With Artificial Intelligence

What skill will help people compete with artificial intelligence? Creativity, considers Olesya Zmazneva, Associate Professor of Information and Cognitive Technologies Department of Moscow Polytechnic University.

She told about ways of creative thinking development within one of the largest international conferences of Oracle — the 37th Bulgarian Oracle Users Group, which was attended by IT-experts from 16 countries.

During the 45-minute session within Business &Strategy Module, Olesya Zmazneva told about creativity such as Soft Skill and strategies that help to make the thinking of adult people more flexible and decompose metaphors into components for the development of imagination.

“At one of the seminars students of the educational program "Information security" at Moscow Polytechnic University analyze innovations in China, where information about citizens is entered into databases and on its basis the decision is made: either to allow or to restrict the access to public services”  — the lecturer shared her experience in the development of creativity at the University.

Students recall the famous dystopias by Orwell, Huxley, Zamyatin, movies and TV series where similar scenes occur. Such work with intertext allows not only to expand the context of the reality where a young man lives today, but also to simulate different scenarios that may arise in different situations of communication, including business." During the session, the lecturer conducted several tests and interactive games for the development of creative thinking. Another report by Olesya Zmazneva was devoted to communicative trends in the modern world.


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