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Moscow Polytech
21 May 2019

Student Projects Were Presented at the Annual Conference

The Project Activity Center of Moscow Polytechnic University held the Annual Reporting Conference in a new format. On one stage were presented the results of more than 70 projects on topics: "Transport", "Technology", "ChemBioTech", "Power Engineering", "Design".

About 2500 students from the 1st to the 5th year of studies solved project within the period of the academic year. The results of the work were prototypes of installations, vehicles, models of various concepts. Many of them were demonstrated to students at the Open Day of  the University on May 18.

Each project was assessed by an expert Commission, composed of the coordinators of project themes, members of the business incubator "MPolytech" and the staff of Project Activity Center. Also, the President of the University Vladimir Miklushevskii took part in the work of the Commission, he not only assessed the results of the projects, but also gave students advice and prompted the further development of the project.

Special attention was paid to projects with real customers, such as OJSC (Open Joint-stock Company) "Gamma", "REAM RTI", "BEKO", Research and Production Association " Mechanical engineering ", "PIC-S", Technopark "Slava", etc, because the results of student work under the supervision of industrial experts annually are implemented in real production.


"Approximately 25% of projects have external customers who are interested not only in getting new ideas, but also in further cooperation in the framework of labor activity. All the work is is a product of group activitiy, so that the first year students used to work in a team," – said the coordinator of the subject area "Technology" Ivan Petukhov.









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