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Moscow Polytech
29 March 2019

"It Is Sad that Not All Books for Adult Are Illustrated": How was the Olympiad "Art of Graphics"

Higher School of Printing and Media Industry of the Moscow Polytechnic University held the full-time stage of the International Olympiad  "Art of Graphics". Creative tasks were carried out on four profiles: "Painting", "Drawing", "Illustration" and "Graphic design»

The results of the Olympiad have already been published on our website. This year the winners and prize-winners were 40 participants of the full-time stage. All participants who have received diplomas of  I, II and III degrees will be able to get additional points when entering the Institute of Graphics and Book Art named after V. A. Favorsky. And the winners in the category "drawing" can enter the specialty "Graphics" or training course "Design" without entrance examinations. Also high achievements in this category are taken into account when entering other universities in Russia in accordance with the admission rules.

Participants pointed out that the most interesting for them was the illustration task. "Within the work we get creative, demonstrate our author's vision of the text, and it is very entertaining," – said the participant of the Olympiad Alexandra Moskalenko.

"It was exciting to come up with an illustration to the proposed abstract of classical works, e.g. "Captain's Daughter" by Alexander Pushkin, – said Anastasia Vakhovych.

The most complicated task according to the participants’ opinion was the task on the profile "Picture" — a half-length figure with elements of the interior. "The difficulty was that during the training courses we drew girls, but at the Olympiad it was necessary to draw an elderly man," Regina Le told.

Regina, like many other participants, is engaged in pre-University training courses at the School "Polygraph". There students learn drawing, painting and composition. According to the teachers, the Olympiad "the Art of Graphics" is a good training before the entrance tests to the University.

Most of the participants told they participated in the Olympiad for extra points. They want to study at the Institute of Graphics and Book Art named after V. A. Favorsky of  Moscow Polytechnic University and they are making great efforts to realize their dreams.

The guys told that they want their lives to be in the illustration of books. "Despite the fact that we live in the XXI century, we want to preserve the tradition of printed books. To feel their smell and texture of pages", — Regina Le told.

"I love to look at book illustrations, and the sad thing is that not all books for adults are illustrated. I would like to fix it," said Daria Pavlova.

Graduation Ceremony for winners, prize-winners and participants of the full-time stage will be held on May 18 at the Open day.









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