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Moscow Polytech
20 March 2019

The University Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Engel»

Moscow Polytechnic University and Engel LLC signed a cooperation agreement whereby the company provides our University the latest equipment for the plastic products manufacturing  — Injection Molding Machine VC330/80 Tech with robot Viper 6 EP6, crane for the installation of molds, mold Elektrogrundplatte and simulator control panel.

German company Engel offers the equipment and ready solutions for such branches as Automotive Industry, Medicine, Packing and Technical Molding. General Director of Engel LLC Olaf Kassek, who graduated from a Soviet Union University, throughout his career he provides assistance and support to Russian universities. Thus, due to Olaf Kassek’s support, International training center for plastics processing was established at St. Petersburg State Technological Institute. Now the advanced equipment for the production of plastic products will appear at Moscow Polytechnic University. It may be used by students of the faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology.

"One of the strong points of Moscow Polytechnic University — Project activity, — told Vladimir V. Miklushevskii to Kassek Olaf . – Within the training period students acquire teamwork skills, perform tasks and implement joint projects with students of other specialties. Globally, University is also working on digitalization of all processes, including online courses and educational export."

At the meeting Vladimir V Miklushevskii and Olaf Kassek discussed possible forms of joint work between Moscow Polytechnic University and Engel LLC and as a result signed a Cooperation Agreement.









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