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Moscow Polytech
1 March 2019

Student of Educational Program"Transport design" Ilya Ivanov won the the УAVTOVAZФ competition

Student of Moscow Polytechnic University Ilya Ivanov won the competition of "AVTOVAZ" as the best Design Project of LADA. The objective was to develop a car design that would appeal to the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The competition is part of the project "Conquering Moscow and St. Petersburg", and 19 people took part therein. From the very beginning, Moscow Polytechnic University was one of the partners of the project which started in autumn 2018. Student works were assessed by a Commission headed by Chief-Designer of LADA Steve Martin and Head of Moscow Division of LADA Design Center Julien Druar.

Ilya Ivanov is a student of Educational Program"Transport Design". Now Ilya is the second year student, but he told that he went quite a long way to the current success. He also had to interrupt his studies and resume it again. In addition, he tried three times to enter Stroganov Academy, and his original dream was to become a Teacher of Arts. Everything changed thanks to the spontaneous decision to participate in the competition "What will the car be in 100 years". Entry to Moscow Polytechnic University was like a real meeting with his native place — Ilya met with his future teachers and they gave relevant update. Among them are Director of Center for Project Activities Ilya Lepyoshkin, Senior lecturer of “Transport Design” Department Viktor Khrapovitsky, Lecturer of Academic drawing Elena Matersheva. Ilya understood exactly where he wanted to study, and further enrollments become only a technical issue.  

Work on the competition project for the LADA brand was intense, with regular meetings of participants and managers. Julien Druar personally conducted company presentation for young designers. Then such meetings were held every Thursday. They were also attended by Ilya Lepyoshkin, who supported his students.

According to the winner, the design proposals of the participants were not similar to each other. Everyone wanted to be outstanding and to invent something new. It was a stimulating competition. But the atmosphere was as friendly as possible. Communication with the giants of the Industry and masters of the craft was easy.

To develop the idea, Ilya Ivanov conducted his own analysis and revealed what unites and what distinguishes the two largest Russian cities, St. Petersburg and Moscow. On the basis of this analysis, the future winner determined that the greatest demand should be a car with a "sedan" body type. At first, Ilya proposed a rather conservative option, designed for the next generation of buyers, but in the end of the interim meetings he came to a more futuristic concept. According to him, the main task remained the same — it should be convenient to get from point A to point B.

As a result of the competition Ilya Ivanov was offered an internship in the "AVTOVAZ" company. But the main prize according to  the young specialist is the gained experience within the period of the project. Especially unique was the opportunity to receive feedback directly from the leading designers and managers of large divisions of the company.       









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