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Moscow Polytech
15 February 2019

Vladimir Miklushevskii Spoke at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi

President of Moscow Polytechnic University Vladimir Miklushevskii spoke about the importance of the WorldSkills movement within one of the sessions of Russian Investment Forum which was held in Sochi.

"Moscow Polytechnic University was one of the first Russian universities to join WorldSkills movement in the system of Higher Education Institution," said Vladimir Miklushevskii. He also remined that the students of Moscow Polytechnic University won one Gold medal at the World Championship in 2017 in Abu Dhabi and two Gold Awards at EuroSkills-2018.

The key topic of the Forum was defined as "National Projects: from Strategy to Action".

According to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, the national projects are "Unified Matrix Where We Have Tried to Put the Life in of the Whole Country. At the same time, they should be targeted to the specific needs of specific regions. Thus, within the framework of the National Project "Education", it is planned to support to certain regions for the providing places for supplementary education. In regions where there are no children's technoparks today, it is planned to build quantoriums.

Dmitry Medvedev paid special attention to the need to include training programs in all National projects.

"We are improving the training and retraining of Higher and Secondary school staff," the Prime Minister said. He also noted that the real sector of the Economy should be more actively involved in the development of Education.

"This concerns to University Science, student projects and dissertations. They should find a specific application rather than be unused in the Departments. This requires that the student practice should not be only a formality. Contacting potential employers for graduates, their career guidance is the most important part of the work of Universities," the speaker said. 









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