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Moscow Polytech
5 February 2019

Our stand was presented at the International exhibition Packaging-2019

At the 27th international specialized exhibition "Packaging-2019" the staff of the Higher school of printing and media industry of Moscow Polytechnic University presented the projects of our students and talked about the training of future specialists of "Technology of printing and packaging production".


The stand worked primarily for giving information about scientific and educational activities of the University. Visitors got acquainted with the profile fields “Technology of Printing and Packaging Production” and education programs “Printing and Media Industry”, “Technology of Polygraphic and Packaging Production”, “Polygraphic Technologies in Nano and Microelectronics”. And also learn about the educational direction of “Material Science and Technologies of Materials”, where students study modern materials for protection against fraud.

Visual exhibits were the works of students created in the classroom by hand. These are packages for sweets, marmalade and other products. Students of the educational program "Technology of Polygraphic and Packaging Production" annually participate with such works in the International student competition "Clockwork orange" and in Russian competitions which are organized by  companies-manufacturers and universities. These students develop designs, decoration, taking into account modern requirements and peculiarities the technologies of production of packaging — that distinguishes this kind of specialists from multi-skilled designers.

As part of the business program of the exhibition, an associate professor of the Department "Technologies and Quality Management in Printing and Packaging Production" Olga Budnikova prepared a report at the conference "Problems of training and advanced training of specialists working in the field of production and consumption of packaging products." She spoke about the experience of packaging designers training at Institute of Printed Media and Information Technologies, giving examples of industry trends. According to Olga Budnikova, it is easy to “catch” buyers using the words: "eco", "bio", "from the farm", they like original designs, minimalism in decoration, expensive but environmentally friendly materials and options "from the past" (for example, imitation of Soviet packaging). In such cases the best learning of our students practicing in the creation of the package, popular among producers and consumers.









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