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Moscow Polytech
6 February 2019

Specialists of our Departments presented their views on the modern culture of communication

Our humanitarian specialists took part in the XXII International scientific conference "Media Rhetoric and modern culture of communication: Science — Practice — Training". The conference was held at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute from January 30 to February 1.

The organizers of the conference aimed to discuss the role of language, speech and words in modern Russian society, especially in the media and in high-tech forms of communication. In addition, the leading topic of discussion was the place of rhetoric and other communicative disciplines in education and culture — from school lessons to training of speech art.

Among the speakers were three representatives of the Moscow Polytechnic University, all of them are PhD in Philological sciences.

Olesya Zmazneva, associate Professor “Infocognitive Technologies” Department, spoke about the gap between the status of the "global village", to which modern society has come recently, and the level of literacy in the handling of information. The concepts of the American philosopher of the mid-20th century, Herbert Marshall McLuhan, have become a reality — but we have not learnt yet to live in this reality. The opportunities offered by social networks and other advanced forms of communication are not good or bad, they should only be used in the right way. According to the speaker, research of Internet discourse helps to deal with this issue.

Ilona Tamrazova, associate Professor of “Foreign Languages” Department presented a report "Conceptual dynamics of Rhetoric: heuristic interpretation of Eristics". Eristics, or the art of dispute, according to the speaker, is considered today as a manifestation of incorrect speech behavior, aggressive communicative pressure. But for such a manner can hide and a certain type of consciousness, focused on denial and unconventional perception of some norms. The purpose of the report was to present the heuristic — or, roughly speaking, creative — potential of this way of thinking.

Galina Bezkorovaynaya, associate Professor of the same Department, prepared a report on "Ecology of Russian language in the translation" — so the author of the report briefly describes its content. Explaining the problem of the report in details, the researcher said: "Gaps in knowledge of the native Russian language are appeared often in translation. The report analyzes the mistakes caused by the interference of the English language in the native language. Globalization and the wide spread of borrowings from the English language inevitably force us to carefully keep our native language,  to pay attention of our students to the quality of translation and to teach them to edit the texts. I have been teaching English for many years in High school, but I cannot remain indifferent to these trends".

As a result of the Conference a digest of articles will be published, posted to the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU and registered in the scientometric database of RSCI (Russian science citation index). ISBN will be assigned to the digest.

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