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Moscow Polytech
4 February 2019

Winter engineering school in Povedniki brings fiction closer to reality

Between 31 January and 3 February in the branch of the Moscow city house of teachers in Povedniki took place an event of Winter engineering school. About 50 students of engineering classes of Moscow took part in hackathons and master classes by such representatives of the world of high technologies as Timur Bergaliev, General Director of BiTronics Lab.

But the most impressive thing was the day of the hackathon. The participants were divided into 11 teams. Five of them participated in the so-called neuroanatomy, and the other six in the mythohackathon. A Neuroanatomical task was to create a language for machines and people. This language had to be clear to any uninitiated. Nowadays, for example, only a programmer can figure out how to talk to the machine — and this situation the guys were asked to fix. This section was led by the BiTronics Lab team.

Mythohackathon was no less impressive. Like in a role-play, a diagram "to see the future through the past" worked there. Participants turned to ancient myths, such as the myth of the Minotaur, to see what their needs and dreams humanity embodied in the legends. With the help of this review — to guess what may be in demand in the future.

The hackathon is a competition and it was especially difficult to determine the winner. After all, it was about experiments, and the results of the work should have been taken from a distance of time. Therefore, the organizers of the school decided to reward everyone who found interesting solutions. Among the participants of neuroanatomy - three winning teams, and among methaqualone - two. As prizes, the children received Souvenirs of Moscow Polytechnic University and Bionics Lab.









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