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Moscow Polytech
25 January 2019

Moscow Poly celebrates the Student Day

President Vladimir Miklushevskii congratulated the university students. He also launched the youth quest ‘I love you, Moscow”.

“My congratulations to all of you! I do hope that you have passed the exam session successfully and there are long-awaited holidays ahead!”, - Vladimir Miklushevskii congratulated the students. He also reminded to the participants the origin of the holiday, related to the establishment of the Moscow University and the name-day of Tatiana, mother of Count Shuvalov.

A meeting with a participant of the show “Comedy Woman”, KVN veteran, actor and showman Oleg Vereshchagin was held on the holiday, at Moscow Poly site. The actor told the audience in the framework of the all-Russian project “Dialog as equals” about his track record, attitude towards the profession and his favorite films.

“When I was a student and participated in KVN, many people didn’t like me, there we even conspiracies against me.  My parents also did not appreciate at once what I was doing. But once all was changed: my mom and dad, two retired persons, were on the way from the dacha, dad carrying a sack with potatoes. And I was with them. And suddenly somebody shouts to me: “Hey, senior beaver!” My parents realized that people recognized me, they heard good things about me”, - Oleg Vereshchagin said.

The showman took questions from the audience as well. Most of all the meeting participants were interested in the today’s sense of humor, the current state of KVN, and how to overcome life difficulties. One of the students asked what to do with silly jokes – and gave an example. The whole room laughed at the joke. Oleg commented: “You already have to gather a KVN team. You joked just alone, and everybody laughed, but imagine that there are many of you on stage. Joke as you like and do not look back at anybody”.

One of the students said that it had become more difficult to joke, than before – “earlier there were many topics for this, while today not all is allowed”. Oleg did not agree. “Why joke about all?”, - he asked in response. – “There are a lot of spheres, where there is space for joking, just choose. To draw a Japanese flag, one does not need all the colors. Speaking of the social criticism, there was satire in the USSR, when it was impossible to express directly the claims. But people learned to joke in an appropriate way, their jokes were taken and people appreciated the cool way of presenting inside jokes. You must have an internal censorship, while there is a lot of space and topics for humor”.

The participants asked, whether the actor had a desire to drop everything and change the activity. “I’ll always have time for that”, - he answered. – “To get engaged in a routine work, safely serve as an economist or a sweeper. But, first, I will not earn there as much money as I earn now in a year of touring. Therefore, I have to get out every time. Many times, it seemed to me that I would not make it any more, that it was time to look for something else, simpler. But finally, all worked out. One has to be willing more in this life, set up maximum goals. I like the film “The fastest Indian”, it is on this topic. I watched it many times”.

Among his career goals Oleg named the willingness to change the theatrical role and play in a drama film. “It seems to me that life has already put me in different conditions. I do have a varied experience, which I could share”, - the actor said.

As his parting words, the actor proposed to students to enjoy the current life period. “Try to extend it! Stay for the second year!”, - joked the showman.

Simultaneously with the “Dialog as equals”, Moscow Poly students took part in the exciting quest “I LOVE YOU, MOSCOW”. The topical quest is devoted to the history of the main student holiday. Teams of 4-5 persons, with nobody older than thirty, were running through the city. The route of the players went through ten stations, where they carried out “active” and “logical” tasks. The results were evaluated in terms of real time. The winner team received the main prize – a flight on a helicopter over Moscow.

The 25th of January is also the first day of the long-awaited vacations. Nearly 80 students of Moscow Poly will spend vacations from 28th of January to the 2nd of February on the basis of the educational, cultural and sports-and-technical Center “Polet”. According to the witty expression of Moscow Poly trade union committee, arranging the trip to the wellness shift, learning is light, while no-learning is the favorite time of every student.

Congratulations to everyone once again, and enjoy your winter holidays!









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