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Moscow Polytech
25 January 2019

CVLRobotics bids for 175 million rubles in the contest to create a self-driven car from RBC, ASI and Skolkovo

Moscow Poly team “CVLRobotics” is one of finalists in the contest to develop a system of a self-driven car. All in all, 13 teams from all over Russia will fight for the prize of 175 million rubles.

The first tests will be held from February 26 to March 5 at the training ground of NAMI in the Moscow region. Conditions of a real urban environment will be simulated there: other cars, pedestrians and road works. The cars of participants have to pass along the flow route, recognizing and reacting adequately to various road situations: bad weather (icing and snow drifts), lack of road markings, low visibility of road signs, etc. 

Among the tasks of the qualification stage there are a detour of obstacles, moving in a traffic jam, parking, crossing a regulated and unregulated intersection. The final tests will be held in December 2019. The winner will be the team, whose car covers 50 kilometres of winter roads faster than in three hours, sticking to road safety rules and not provoking other traffic participants to violations.

List of participants:

  • CVLRobotics (Moscow Poly)
  • SmartVision Tomsk (alliance “Technical vision”, Tomsk)
  • SnowBot (Avrora Robotics, Moscow)
  • Icy Riders (JSC “North”, Ryazan)
  • Innoteam (Innopolis University, Republic Tatarstan)
  • NSTU (Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University)
  • StarLine (SPU “StarLine” Starline – car security systems, St Petersburg)
  • AVTO-RTK (a united team of the Scientific Design Bureau for Computing Systems and the company “Bard Intelligent Systems” from Taganrog, SFU and SWSU)
  • Winter City MADI (Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University)
  • “ALFA” (Kovrov State Technology Academy, Vladimir region)
  • Base Trach (JSC “Energo”, Moscow)
  • RoboLife (Ulyanovsk State Technical University)








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