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Moscow Polytech
18 January 2019

The artist Petr Bem made a performance for the audience of Svetlovka

January 16 at the library “Svetlovka” a creative evening of Petr Bem was held. He is an Associate Professor at Department "Artistic and Technical Processing of Printed Matter" of Moscow Poly and a Chief Artist of the journal “Kommersant MONEY”. The evening was arranged in the framework of the project “Polygraphomania”.

Petr performed in front of a diverse audience: it included other successful graduates of the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry, and today’s students, and artist beginners. “Polygraphomania” is a democratic project, and Petr did not limit himself to the format of a lecture. He encouraged the discussion, answered uncomfortable questions about unrealized concepts and favorite writers, and found, as well, time for a musical pause. In the middle of the event Serge Emailov had a performance – a bard who sings “an extreme author’s” song and almost transmits to rap. At other times his name is Sergey Yemelyanenko, and he, like Petr, is Associate Professor of the same Department and a lecturer of the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry.

The main part of the evening was devoted to designer projects of Petr Bem. By his own admission, he is “a designer artist, who connects meanings” and has long ago moved away from drawing as such. Speaking about relations with customers, primarily heads of publishers and editors, Petr explained that he is more comfortable receiving feedback in the format “like-dislike”, because it simplifies the work considerably. At the same time, the organizer of the meeting, Professor of the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry Georgiy Vekshin noted that Petr is distinguished by a special patience and attentiveness to the wishes of the customers. Also, the participants of the event could see that the hero of the evening was a real professional entertainer, telling the audience about design and about himself in a bright and artistic manner.









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