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Moscow Polytech
17 January 2019

The exhibition of the HSP&MI Professor Andrey Dubov opens in the State Russian Museum

At the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum of St Petersburg an exhibition of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Andrey Dubov will be held from January 23 to March 11, 2019. The artist is also Professor at the Department “Drawing and Painting” of Moscow Poly.

Andrey Dubov graduated from Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1982. In his student’s years well-known painters of the “sixties”-team Dmitriy Zhilinskiy and Pavel Zakharov were his mentors. At the Enterprise for monumental-and-decorative art, where Dubov worked until 1998, the young artist took lessons of the recognized master Andrey Vasnetsov.

Most of the works by Dubov are landscapes, still lifes, portraits in interior. In theses painting genres he works actively with colour, composition and space. In terms of the content, the painter focuses on the beauty and peculiar features of the usual environment – whether it is a modest room or unremarkable urban corner. The author sets himself complicated pictorial tasks and find unexpected plastic and compositional solutions, primarily in still lifes. While his landscapes are distinguished by a special colour harmony.

The large-scale creative activity has not prevented Andrey Dubov from being engaged in teaching. The artist became Professor at the Department of Drawing and Painting, now a part of Moscow Poly, back in 2004.

Around 80 works from the artist’s studio will be represented at the exhibition.









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