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Moscow Polytech
28 December 2018

Partners from BMW Group Russia presented awards to the winners of the Project Start

The final meeting and awards ceremony for participants of the “Project Start – 2018” took place on December 25 at the BMW Training Center. Partners from the BMW Group Russia company presented awards to our students.

Just to remind you, 15 teams took part in the “Project Start”. All of them are Moscow Poly students. This contest is an opportunity for first-year students from various training directions and faculties to get acquainted with the project-based activities. The students had to solve a serious problem, set up for them by partners from the BMW Group. It was necessary to develop a system of non-material motivation incentive for the employees of the generation Z, who had been born not earlier than in mid-1990-es.

As a result, the team “Shirts” won. The winners got certificates for attending any training at the BMW Training Center. And other participants received various prizes as well, like thermo mugs with the company’s logo.

Anna Osadchenko, an employee of the BMW Group Russia and an HR specialist, noted the high general level of presentations. According to her, it is a great success for the first-year students. During the month before the final meeting, Skype sessions with the contest participants were held, and Anna drew attention to the students being constantly interested in the project. She also thanked the authors of the ideas for proposing quite feasible solutions.

Andrey Zhigarev, who was a member of the “AKA Barkhan” team, told us that to get prepared to the final presentation he and his teammates attended special events, like trainings of the Academy of Competences and the project “Business Youth”. Andrey considers that as a result they managed to find interesting methods to solve the problem, but perhaps they lacked an original research or infographics.

Professor of Moscow Poly Center for Project Activities and the co-organizer of the contest Vladimir Nikolskiy noted the interest of all the students as well, and he thanked the partners from BMW for the support and mutual understanding. Vladimir expressed particular gratitude for the interesting prizes to become really handy for the students.









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