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Student of Higher School of Printing and Media Industry is Included in Top Ten Young Journalists according to Esquire
Artem Raspopov a student of Moscow Polytechnic University works as a journalist for “Novaya Gazeta”. This year the editors of Esquire noted him as one of the most perceptive...
8 October 2019
University will Host the 8th Moscow International Biennale of Modern Art
Moscow Polytechnic University holds Science Art festival “Education. Man as the measure: Natural and the Digital”: as part of the 8th Moscow International Biennale of Modern Art-2019 at within...
2 October 2019
Prototype Fenix Won “Russian Endurance Challenge” Race
The team of the Moscow Polytechnic University FDR Moscow won the final stage of the “Russian Endurance Challenge” Race which was held in Kazan, as well as in the...
30 September 2019
“It was a great pleasure to call and say: Mum, I'm a world champion!” – said Liza Stepanova
Choosing a profession after finishing school it is like a lottery. It will either be a waste of time or it will turn your life upside down. Elizaveta Stepanova,...
26 September 2019
TASS Held a Press Conference on the Project “Readers' Assembly of the Commonwealth”
More than three hundred participants from 17 countries will gather tomorrow at Moscow Polytechnic University. Journalists, editors, designers and publishers will look for an answer to the current question...
17 September 2019
Hyundai Sent students of the Faculty of Information Technologies for an Internship in South Korea
Five students of the faculty of information technology of Moscow Polytechnic University arrived in South Korea for undergoing internship at Ulsan University and at the plant of Hyundai Motor...
3 September 2019
Moscow Polytechnic University Enrolled more than 2000 Freshmen
On September 1, f reshmen party of Moscow Polytechnic University took place in Luzhniki. Vladimir Miklushevskii delivered a congratulatory speech, creative teams and partners of the University performed for...
1 September 2019
Alisa Turaeva and Elizar Ospennikov Won Silver in the Championship 2019 Future Skills
Third-year students of the faculty of Information Technologies of Moscow Polytechnic University took second place in the competence of "Internet of Things" at the World Championship on Professional Skills...
27 August 2019
Milan vs. Moscow: Where to Study Automotive Design?
Designer Ilya Razumov refused a grant to study at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan for studying at Master’s degree educational program at Moscow Polytechnic University. He was invited...
5 August 2019
Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge (BSMC) 2019 competition is over in Spain
The team of Moscow Polytechnic University conquered the Barcelona Circuit de Castelloli and took the first place in static tests. BSMC is a championship for lightweight motorcycles on electric...
23 July 2019








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