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The Team EMP Polytech Will Take Part in the Baikal Mile 2020
In March 2019, the team of the Moscow Polytechnic University EMP Polytech took part in the Festival of speed “Baikal mile”. Athlete MOTUL Anastasia Nifontova drove electric motorcycle MIG...
15 January 2020
Konstantin Noskov and Vladimir Miklushevskii Summarized the Results of the Vocational Retraining Program on the Subject Chief Data Officer
At the boiling Point in Moscow Polytechnic University Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov and the President of Moscow Polytechnic University...
13 January 2020
Students of Moscow Poly Develop Glider with Electric Propulsion
Nowadays there is sustainable trend in using of electric propulsion (EP) in aviation. There have been already appeared two-seater aircraft with EP along with unmanned aerial vehicle used by...
30 December 2019
New Year`s Greetings from The Minister Of Science And Higher Education of The Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov
Dear friends! New Year`s holidays are the special time for each of us. It is a time to sum up results, to make plans, to greet the New Year...
31 December 2019
Educational Intensives from International Association of Student Television
Educational intensives, including practical classes in video shooting, montage, editing, creating of informational plot, oratory and many others, will be held in Youth Centre of Media and Communication of...
27 December 2019
Vladimir Miklushevskii Wished a Happy New Year to Students and Employees of Moscow Polytechnic University
On December 26, 2019, a New Year's Eve festive meeting of students and employees of the Moscow Polytechnic University was held in the assembly hall of the building "A"...
27 December 2019
Moscow Polytechnic University Held an Open Day
On Saturday, December 21, 2019, Moscow Polytechnic University held an Open day. Applicants and their parents saw the results of project activity of students which is one of the...
23 December 2019
In Memory of Mikhail Fedorovich Nenashev
The head of Journalism and Popular Communications Department of Moscow Poly professor Mikhail Fedorovich Nenashev passed away on 15 Dec. 2019. Mikhail Fedorovich is the favorite editor in chief...
19 December 2019
Welcome to the Open Day on 21 December
Moscow Poly open day will be held on the last calendar day of the year on 21 Dec. The event will be useful for high-schoolers and graduates from Technical...
18 December 2019
Moscow Poly Student – bronze winner`s mentor
A student of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Valery Strijeus engages in training children for the junior championship of robotics “KidSkills” at School #2098. The goal of the championship was...
17 December 2019








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