Software in Computer Gaming Industry

Institute of Print Media and Information Technologies
State accreditation
Information about the Educational Program


  • Bachelor

Code of training direction

Name of the training direction / speciality


  • Intramural form of study - 251 100 RUB (for 2021)

Duration of training

  • Intramural form of study - 4 years

Entrance tests and minimum points

  • Computer Science and ICT/Physics — 44/39
  • Mathematics/WS* — 39
  • Russian language — 40

Number of places for paid tution

  • Intramural form of study - 60

Main building

  • Moscow, Pryanishnikova Street, 2A

Head of educational program

  • Dmitriy G.Demidov

The admission for foreign citizens

  • Available

Additional Information

  • WS* is the result of a demonstration exam on WorldSkills Russia standards passed by a secondary vocational education graduate according to the relevant specialty (see paragraph 2.2.7 of the Admission Rules).
About the program
State-funded places
Program Questions
Basic disciplines are similar. Principal disciplines are variant: 9-12 disciplines, depending on profile.
Our university has partners, ready to employ any amount of students. But there has not been such a necessity, because most of our students are already employed by the moment of their graduation.
“Introduction in programming” program was introduced for such an occasion, in order to improve programming skills for acceptable level.
Every profile has the similar programming profile: - Basics in algorithms and programming; - Introduction to programming; - Object-based programming; - Basics of modern algorithms; - Technology of cross platform programming; - Programming for mobile devices. Programming for mobile devices is the only exception. Specification of the profile might change.

The skills you get

Design and development methods for computer games of various types

Principles of building a game architecture and modeling game logic

Application programming methods for various gaming platforms

Career after training

Designer of information systems

from 80 thousand
Salary, ₽
Specialist mastered competencies in a vast array of data handling systems. This array includes data bases, development of action algorithms, maintaining users’ access to data vaults, quality control of data storage, storage logics and data extraction.

Game Developer

from 60 thousand
Salary, ₽
The game developer creates computer games. He works in the project team for creating a game together with the director, project manager, programmer, game designer, musician, artist and tester, or plays all these roles himself. The developer creates the concept of the game, character design, creates a prototype of the game, selects the means for the project.

Game Designer

from 45 thousand
Salary, ₽
The game designer is a specialist in game development, delving into all the components of the game, leading the entire development process from idea to release. The game designer develops the rules and laws by which the game universe will live. He is well versed in the psychology of players and anticipates the wishes of the audience in order to create an interesting and “addictive” video game.

Mobile app developer

from 50 thousand
Salary, ₽
A specialist that develops software applications for various mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). Mobile application developers can work with different programming languages.
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