Digital Economics and Finance of the Enterprise (study in English)

Faculty: Faculty of Economics & Management
State accreditation
Information about the Educational Program


  • Bachelor

Code of training direction

Name of the training direction / speciality


  • Part-time form of study - 99 500 RUB (for 2021 г.)

Duration of training

  • Part-time form of study - 4 years 8 months part-time training

Entrance tests and minimum points

  • Mathematics (Profile) — 39
  • Social Studies/History/Foreign language — 45/35/30
  • Russian language — 40

Number of places for paid tution

  • Part-time form of study - 25

Main building

  • Moscow, Pavel Korchagin str., 22

Head of educational program

  • Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova

The admission for foreign citizens

  • Available

Additional Information

  • The educational program is implemented in two languages: Russian or English (at the student's choice)

    RECEPTION OF FOREIGNERS: provided by quotas, provided in Russian and / or English

About the program
Program Questions
Economist-analyst- a specialist in the field of theory and practice of planning, research, management of economic activities. His responsibilities include economic analysis of the organization's performance, budgeting, and maximizing the efficiency of the company. The economist works with data collected by other specialists, and his duties include exclusively processing the information received.

Financial analyst - a specialist in charge of the company for the competent conduct of financial transactions, the optimal distribution of cash flows and investment of working capital.

Accountant – Is a specialist working on the accounting system in accordance with applicable law. His tasks: pay taxes on time and correctly, report to government authorities and company owners, organize work with clients and partners of the organization, monitor the financial condition of the enterprise

Thus, these professions are related to work with money. However, the financial analyst analyzes and directs capital to a greater extent, is engaged in budgeting, and invests assets profitably. An economist-analyst analyzes the information collected by the accountant, gives specific advice on how to increase labor efficiency, get rid of unprofitable activities. The accountant performs accounting functions in relation to the property and obligations of the enterprise.
nt performs accounting functions in relation to the company's property and obligations.
Our graduates receive the qualification "bachelor" in the direction 38.03.01 "Economics".
One of the strengths of the educational process at the Moscow Polytech is practical orientation, which is achieved not only by focusing on practical tasks in training courses, but also through the project activities of students. Working on projects for solving problems in the field of professional activity on the materials of industrial partners not only allows you to develop professional skills and master professional competencies, but also to teach students to work in a team. The results of student projects are evaluated by experts and potential employers.

The skills you get

Analyze and process the data required to solve economic and financial problems.

Carry out calculations of economic and socio-economic indicators based on standard methods in accordance with the current regulatory legal framework.

Analyze the financial results of the organization's commercial activities and predict an increase in its efficiency.

Maintain financial and tax accounting for the formation of the organization's financial statements.

Conduct internal and external audit of financial statements.

Form the company's competitive advantages.

Forecast processes and develop long-term programs for the development of the enterprise.

Conduct analytical research using artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies.

Manage risk in the digital economy.

Career after training


from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽
An economist-analyst is a professional who solves financial and economic problems. As part of his duties, an economist-analyst collects and analyzes a wide variety of data, and then draws conclusions on this basis for management. The duties of an economist-analyst include the performance of work aimed at increasing the efficiency of production, its profitability, the quality of products, as well as the development of other types of products. Analysts can work in research and scientific institutions, government agencies, large companies, financial corporations, banking and other structures

Financial analyst

from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽
Financial analyst functionality - conducting financial transactions on a legitimate basis, distributing cash flows to companies and investing funds. These are finance specialists, CFOs, analysts, hedge makers, financial planners, forensics and other specialists, in whose hands are the money of various organizations.

Head of the economic service of the enterprise (department, laboratory, department)

from 100 thousand
Salary, ₽
Responsible in the financial and economic block of the enterprise for the economy of the enterprise. The list of his duties includes: coordination of the movement of material, human resources of the company in order to use them most efficiently in the process of production and sale of products (works, services) and maximize profits; development of the economic strategy of the enterprise; calculation and analysis of the cost of products, works and services; pricing and calculation of profitability; planning, calculation and analysis of economic indicators; formation of management reporting; participation in the development of a motivation system at the enterprise; definition of standards, their adjustment and tracking of their implementation

The head of the financial service of the enterprise (department, laboratory, department)

from 100 thousand
Salary, ₽
Responsible in the financial and economic block of the enterprise for the finances of the enterprise. The list of his duties includes: development of the budget of revenues and expenses in all time frames; analysis of budget execution of expenses and revenues; analysis of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise; formation of management reporting; participation in the development of a motivation system at the enterprise; development of the financial strategy of the enterprise; organization of investment work in the company, determination of the economic efficiency of investment projects, programs; development the investment budget for approval by the owners / board of directors of the company

Employer partners

We work with non-profit, corporate and public organizations.
Students with the best results may be employed by our
partners after graduation.
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