Additive Technologies

Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
State accreditation
Information about the Educational Program


  • Bachelor

Code of training direction

Name of the training direction / speciality


  • Intramural form of study - 288 700 RUB (for 2023)

Duration of training

  • Intramural form of study - 4 years

Entrance tests and minimum points

  • Computer Science and ICT/Physics — 49/44
  • Mathematics — 44
  • Russian language — 45

Number of places for free tution

  • Intramural form of study - 28

Number of places for paid tution

  • Intramural form of study - 12

Main building

  • Moscow, Avtozavodskaya str., 16

Head of educational program

  • Lyudmila P. Andreeva

The admission for foreign citizens

  • Available

Additional Information

  • * WS-the result of a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills Russia standards, passed by a graduate with secondary vocational education according to the proper enlarged groups of specialties (see paragraph 2.2.7 of the admission Rules).
About the program
places for free tuition
Program Questions

Yes, applicants can choose any profile enterprise and enter into a contract with it.

99 % of graduates are employed in the first three months after graduation.

Yes, due to the fact that the University cooperates with many companies of the industry.

Yes, the University campus includes several dormitories.

Yes, you can pass the re-certification procedure after enrolling in the first year, taking into account the disciplines that you took in your college. Graduates of colleges that train technicians in the specialty "Additive Manufacturing Technician" will have an advantage.

Yes, there is such an opportunity. In addition to the discipline "Foreign Language" (1st-7th terms) in the educational program for the 6th, 7th and 8th terms, there is an optional discipline. Teachers who know the methods of preparation for passing the language certification exam deliver lectures there.

The skills you get

Development, design, research, production of products obtained with the use of additive technologies in engineering and defense industries, in medicine and creativity

Application of modern digital technologies for development of additive manufacturing technologies, design and optimization of products, development of products with bionic design

Application of methods and tools of modern TRIZ+ at the stage of product and technology development

Career after training

Head of production

from 100 thousand
Salary, ₽
Planned production development. Development and realization of action plan, aimed at increase of production efficiency. Production planning in accordance with set plan.

Facility manager

from 150 thousand
Salary, ₽
Functions: organization of production, commercial and financial operations of the facility; organization of cooperation between facility departments and production units; creating conditions for implementation of new technology and equipment, progressive management forms and labor organization; taking actions to ensure labor conditions.

Specialist on computer design of technologic processes

from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽
Specialist on applying CAD/CAE programs for development, analysis and optimization of technologic processes of additive production.

Specialist on additive technologies

from 60 thousand
Salary, ₽
Depending on the professional specification of the facility, performs functions of technical specialist of support, marketing, sales department.

Reverse-engineering specialist

from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽
Reverse-engineering specialist performs design tasks, based on implementation of modern technologies: 3D-scan technology, modeling technologies using CAD-system and engineering analysis technologies using CAE-systems.

Specialist on additive technologies research

from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽
Performs tasks required in development departments, research facilities, start-ups. Solved issues: development of new additive technologies concepts, development of new installations nodes construction for additive production with new consumer properties (increased efficiency, high accuracy, low material shrinkage).

Teacher on modeling and additive technologies

from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽
Teacher on modeling and additive technologies teaches basic and additional lessons in engineering and IT-classes in Moscow schools based on subjects “Modeling”, “Prototyping”, “Project activities”, as well as in colleges, teaching engineers in the area of additive technologies.

Additive production operator

from 30 thousand
Salary, ₽
Operator sustains continuous working of additive production facility; prepares 3D models of future products for their production via additive technology; sets manufacturing conditions; manages the process and production and post-production of the product.

Additive Manufacturing Technologist

from 60 thousand
Salary, ₽
A technologist conducts product form and construction analysis; chooses a rational technology of additive production; develops technological documentation for a projected technological process; provides capacity load.

Head of Department

The head of Department is responsible for directing and planning the work of the Department; organization of work of the Department; coordination of work the Department; and monitor the quality of production and recruitment of personnel to work in the Department.

Employer partners

We work with non-profit, corporate and public organizations.
Students with the best results may be employed by our
partners after graduation.
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