Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology

Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology is an outstanding center of science and culture of the independent Republic of Uzbekistan and currently occupies a worthy place among the higher educational institutions of Central Asia. Because more than 45 years history of the Institute is inextricably linked with the glorious path of Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, a prestigious educational institution, educating specialists not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout Central Asia, as well as in a wider geographical region. This institute was founded in 1968. Consequently, at the end of 60-s Namangan and the whole Fergana valley were in urgent need of developing textile and light industry and training highly qualified personnel. The opening of a large institute based on this need was an unusually important social and cultural event for that time.

Established : 1968
President : Mamatkarimоv Оdiljоn Оxundadayevich
Adress: Kasansay Street 7, Namangan UZ, 160115, Uzbekistan
Tel. : +998 69 228 76 75
Website :
E-mail :

Faculties :

Technology of Light Industry
Automation and Power Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Agricultural Technology
Engineering and Technology

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