Southwest University of Science and Technology

Southwest University of Science and Technology is located in China in the city of Manyang, Sichuan Province. The school's campus currently covers an area of 4131 acres. University building is 1.17 million square meters, spent 2.3 billion yuan, research teaching and research equipment costs 716 million yuan. University library covering an area of 37,800 square meters, 220 million copies of paper books, 781 million copies of electronic books are available.
Southwest University of Science and Technology has a 4-year international bachelor's program, a 2-year master's program and a 3-year doctoral program, and includes short-term study and Chinese language study. Undergraduate courses are taught in Chinese.

Address: China, Sichuan, Mianyang, Fucheng District, 青龙大道中段59号 邮政编码: 621010
Phone: +86 816 608 9098
Date of establishment: December 21, 2000.
Province: Sichuan

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