February 2022

Moscow Poly Scientists Reduced Costs of the Durable Materials Used in Additive Technologies When Creating Micro- and Nanoscale Systems

In January 2022 the team at the lab of mechanical characteristics studies at the faculty of “Dynamics, strength of machines and material resistance” under Moscow Poly has completed the first stage of studies that can improve modern additive technologies, as well as the sphere of nano devices and microsystems engineering technologies. The young scientists study liquid phases spreading on the surface of silicon – the main material comprising the majority of microelectronic devices. That will allow to identify the compatibility between the solid objects surface and the metal melts, to develop new methods of solid phase compounds synthesis. The given results will form the basis for the development of the semiconductor device optimal technological operating mode, and for modern functional materials obtaining.

The project is headed by Marina Koryachko, the associate professor of the department of “Physics”, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences. The project is designed to last 2 years, it is realized with the funds allocated by the presidential grant that Marina received.

The head of the project said: “Our research is the contribution to the common cause, to science and industry development. The results gained will be applicable to auto electronics where semiconductor elements and structures are actively used. Our elaborations will help to enhance element reliability and increase the durability of system semiconductor elements, as well as simplify the breakdown diagnostics”.

The project is conducted at the premises of the laboratory that actively cooperates with the RAS Institutes and industrial partners: companies in “Svetodiodnyye tekhnologii”, “Avtomatizirovannyye resheniya”, “Aktivnaya Optika NaytN” and “Lyuminofor” research production cluster.

The results that Marina`s team gained may be applied in classic microelectronics, nano system development and addictive technologies. With the support this data provides it will be possible to lower the material development costs and to enhance creation technologies.

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