December 2020

WorldSkills winner

Klimentiy Korolev, a student of Moscow Polytechnic University, won the IV National Interuniversity Championship "Young professionals" (WorldSkills Russia) – 2020.

We talked to him and found out how he started his path to the WorldSkills gold, how he prepared  for the competition, and asked him to give advice to future champions.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? As a child, did you have an idea of what you would do when you grew up? What were your favorite subjects at school?

My name is Korolev Klim. I am a fourth-year student of Transport Faculty of Moscow Polytechnic University in the direction  "Industrial design". I come from Miass, a heavy industry city in the Urals with a 250-year history.

At the age of 11-12, I had no idea what I would do as an adult. But gradually my attention became more and more occupied with drawing. I have studied at an art school for the last few years of my school education. I was attracted mostly by the humanities: literature, history, social studies.

Why did you choose Moscow Polytechnic University? Was it difficult to enter it?  Is it easy to study? What is important about studying?

Two years ago I transferred from Yekaterinburg to Moscow. It seemed to me that Moscow Polytechnic University had more up-to-date programs, more modern professors, and more freedom during education. This is very important for the design education! It is more difficult not to study here than in Yekaterinburg, because you are in the center of the "universe of education": your decisions, choices, priorities. No one will drag you by the ears.

How was it that you chose the direction "Industrial design"?

I am interested in industrial design because it has always tried to combine the practices of several disciplines at once. This makes it more difficult, but at the same time more interesting.

How did you prepare for the WorldSkills championship?

I am a member of the extended national industrial design team, and before the competition, we had a fairly busy training schedule. Sketching, modeling, analytics, prototyping: we covered all the design stages.

Tell us how you feel about the championship, its overall level, participants, and organization. Was the competition strong?

I think that the level of the championship is growing every year. The coaches are adapting, and the students are getting used to the frantic pace. Honestly, this year was very hard!

What was the essence of the tasks?

As always at WorldSkills, we managed to touch upon almost all the design stages. During two days of work, we were making  a full-fledged presentation of our concepts, based on the research, sketching and the 3D model.

What are your plans for further activities and development of your skills?

I have very vague plans for the future. I need to work hard, and then we'll see.

In your opinion, what difficulties a young specialist in your profession may face at the beginning of his career? What knowledge, first of all, is necessary for a future specialist? What qualities should he/she have?

I think the main problem is that the Russian market and industrial design is mostly often about light industry, which is not largely developed in Russia, does not think about the real role of design in the modern world, and design schools have a weak idea of what industry is.

What can you wish  future WorldSkills participants?

Look for your place in the world, for new knowledge, never stay within organizations frames, even the best ones. Your professional growth depends on your awareness and independence.

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