May 2022

Winners of World Skills Championship Held at Moscow Poly Announced

Moscow Poly held an university-level World Skills Championship round. The University students competed in such field areas as “Mobile Robotics” and “World Wide Web”. The winners will represent the University at the World Skills Championship Finals in September 2022.

World Skillы_1.PNG

The assignments provided for participants competing in “Mobile Robotocs” were related to providing assistance to medical staff. The contestants had to design and put into work a mobile robot, as well as setting it into for an effective work in the hospital environment. At the competitive playground, there was decontamination area, stands with medicaments, nursing station and five ward. The task was to deliver the right medications to patients.

Five teams competed against each other. In each one, there were two people – a person responsible for the engineering unit, and the other one for programming.

The head of the “Mobile Robotics” track, Elena Logunova shared:

“The assignment was divided into six modules. In the course of each module, the jury evaluated the students` organization and social qualities – communication between team members, other participants and experts. The teams had to afterwards demonstrate a technical journal with a full description of the work carried out – construction, wiring, movement trajectory (mobility), manipulating equipment and software. Among anything else, the quality level actions performed by the robot was accessed, as well as the performance parameters, clearing of operation and efficiency. In addition to that, the program also accounted for the autonomous part where students worked independently on their assignments without any external interference”.

The first place [“Mobile Robotics” section] went to Nikita Ivanov and Evgeniy Rakhmatulin.

World Skills_2.PNG

Those competing in “World Web Web” section were assigned to work on a cloud platform work that connected to industrial equipment, including manipulating industrial robot. The robot instrumental mount had a marker installed to it that imitated metal cutting apparatus. The participants had to adjust the work so that the robot would be able to apply the subproduct to the figure contour with the specified accuracy. Notably, the robot had to handle the program functioning in the cloud systems.

The Participants had to create a full-time operational system that has a light-barrier-based security system that is able to identify and response to the human approaching at a safe distance.

Similarly, five teams with two people in each of them participated in this section. The first place [in “World Wide Web” section] went to Irina Mokhova and Philipp Pan.

“Competency in ‘World Wide Web’” are to great extent reflect the development direction of modern industry. More and more equipment acquires intellectual properties that manifests itself through the ‘smart’ prefix. It is precisely “smart-technologies”, “smart devices” and management methods that pose the main interest for the World Wide Web area because robots need no rest or vacations. That determines the fact the system operators and developers become more and more demanded. That is exactly the role that the participants try on themselves”, - noted 3-year student majoring in “Cyber Physical Systems”, jury board member.


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