September 2020

Welcome Dear Freshmen!

Dear Freshman!

Our congratulations with enrollment at Moscow Poly!  Interesting studies are waiting for you, as well as new friends, diverse extracurricular activities and a lot of other interesting things.

Stated below information  will be necessary for you within the first days upon enrollment.


1.                Commencement of Studies

 Academic Year begins on the 14th of September 2020.

Classes will be held under a “mixed” format: lectures – distantly (online mode), practical works, laboratory works, and workshops – in training rooms (offline mode). The Timetable will be published within the period of September 7-10 at the site of the University in the section “For Learners – Class Schedules”, as well it will be available in personal accounts of students.


2.                The Adaptive Course

The Adaptive Course – is a coplex of the measures aimed at comfortable adaptation of freshmen at the University, comprising various lectures and team-building events. As a result, within three days you will know a lot about the University including with extracurricular activities thereof.


The Adaptive Course will be held within the period of September 9 – 12, 2020, in the online mode. Timetable of the Adaptive Course can be found in the Attachment 1.

The broadcast will be live at YouTube-channel of Moscow Poly and in a group of Moscow Poly VKontakte. Your participation in the Adaptive Course is obligatory. 


3.                Training Group Number

The curator will inform you of the number of your training group.

A Curator  is a senior course student, who is a mentor and a guide to the student life. A Curator assists for freshmen to adapt them at the University and leads the group till the end of the first year of studies. A Curator is a “Reference guide” whom you may address to for any information you are interested in.


4.                Personal Account of a Student.

The access to a personal account will be granted to each student before September 14. We will send you information about your personal account access algorithm very soon.

5.                Student ID

You will get your Student ID via your curator starting from September 14. 

Remember to send your photo to your group curator. The photograph requirements for a Student ID you will find in Attachment 2.


6. Social Networks (this is the most prompt information source)


We recommend you to subscribe to our social networks:


Vkontakte: vk.com/moscowpolytech

Instagram: instagram.com/mospolytech

Facebook: facebook.com/moscowpolytech

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJMY2ilUHti99R6ii2PIIYA


Telegram-channel: https://t.me/mospolytech

Telegram-chat for applicants: t.me/mp_abchat 


We are waiting for you at Moscow Poly!

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