May 2023

Ways Project Activity Helps Moscow Poly Students Be Employed

At the open lesson “Where Future Applicants May be Enrolled in the 2023, Prospective Fields of Study”, the Head of Engineering Development Center of Moscow Poly Irina Slesareva, talked about the advantages of studying at the University – the flagship of project activity. According to her, this is the practice-oriented education, as well as the guarantee of employment which exists due to continuous interaction with industrial partners. The open lesson was conducted under the support of such national projects as “Education”, “Digital Economy”, “Science and Universities” and the “Znaniye” (“Knowledge”) Russian society.

The broadcast of the Open Lesson is already available.

“While developing within the educational projects, the students go to competitions of different levels, with demonstration of their skills to technical judges, partners, major organizations, that attend the events. Those notice them and invite for work. In Russia, is currently undergoing a comprehensive engineering transformation and import substitution. Therefore, the employers are very interested in in worthy engineers. What Moscow Poly students are involved in within the framework of project activity provides them with vast experience and an opportunity to reveal themselves as specialists”, – Irina Slesareva addressed to the students.

In her speech, the speaker shared her own story of growth within in the technical area – she passed the stages from being a student of Moscow Poly up to the Head of Engineering Development Center. Irina Slesareva mentioned that it was specifically within the framework of Project Activity, that her first serious encounter with the profession occurred. 

“I faced the actual essence of engineering at the second course of the University, when I joined the “FDR” engineering-and-racing team under Moscow Poly. In a very short period of time, I realized for myself that for me engineering is something bigger than just an educational discipline, and to tie my life with automotive transport and engineering was the best decision and the contribution to myself”, - said Irina.

For more details about Moscow Poly Project Activity, please, use the following link.

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