July 2023

Graduate Timur Matveev: Alma Mater Gives Birth to Strongest Friendship

Among the 25 best Moscow Poly students marked with the title is Timur Matveev who has graduated “State and Municipal Administration” program of the faculty of Economics and Management. Over the years of his study, Timur has managed to do a lot. Starting fr om the first year of studies Timur had been a trade union activist and is still taking a position of a president of the faculty trade union. Timur worked in the University sport commission, was engaged into student unions, such as pedagogic corpus “Nebo” (“Sky”) and military0patriotic club “Cyclone”.


The number of events that he participated in over these years is so big that it`s hard for Timur to single out the brightest one.

“In terms of emotions and impact on me as a personality that has to be the “Student Leader” held by Moscow Poly in 2020”, - Timur says. – “In fact combining all of that miraculously is really difficult. You always have to sacrifice something because there are only 24 hours in a day”.

Timur says that the University taught him to interact with people, hear them and convey one`s thought. It helped to build stress resilience and discipline.

“And of course, the teachers that passionately shared their knowledge with us, yesterday`s students, will always remain in memory”.

The piece of advice that the best student gives to the enrollees:

“Don`t try to deceive yourselves by thinking that you`re at the University only to study because it`s alma mater wh ere the strongest friendships are born. Here, you can meet the strongest people and the warmest love. So I wish you to get a bigger spoon when you try that student life.”

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