April 2020

Vladimir Miklushevskii Told about the Results of the University's Work in 2019

Today, on April 30, at the Academic Council, which was held in an online format, the President Vladimir Miklushevskii summed up the results of the University's work for 2019.

He paid special attention on transferring to remote mode. "We shifted to online learning in full form and we are ready to follow this mode in the new academic year until the stabilization of epidemiological situation," Vladimir Miklushevskii said. He also noted that application of elements for online learning into the educational was begun last year: e.g. faculty staff developed online courses that became an essential part of educational programs. The technical equipment of the University was also improved: more than 500 laptops were purchased for the faculty staff.

In 2019, the University's development Strategy was planned and adopted, which includes a number of strategic projects. Thus, within the framework of the Digital University project, laptops were purchased for faculty and administrative staff, projectors are being installed in 117 classrooms of the Moscow Polytechnic University, and these classrooms are planned to be equipped with projectors for broadcasts and it will give opportunities for distance learning. In addition, 260 places in computer classes will be upgraded as part the framework of the Digital University.

The project "Flexible Educational Paths" is planned to be launched from the spring term of 2020/2021. “Now the standards allow you to choose elective courses, this choice is small and we want to expand it. We analyzed the experience of Tyumen state University and the Higher School of Economics, added our own developments and will launch this project in the next academic year,” Vladimir Miklushevskii said.

The project "Working with talented students" will determine various bonuses for talented students: for example, the ability to make adjustments to the educational process, study independently (with a mentor), receive an increased scholarship, and others. Within the framework of the project "Development and modernization of the laboratory Fund", laboratories of chemistry and physics are equipped, work is currently underway on the laboratory of electrical engineering, the multimedia laboratory "Newsroom" and a number of others.

The President also told about the specifics of entering Moscow Polytechnic University: this year there is no need in attendance of the University for submitting documents and passing exams - all processes will be held online.


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