May 2022

Vladimir Miklushevskii Congratulates Moscow Poly on Victory Day

“Dear Veterans, respected Moscow Poly employees and students! I congratulate you on this great day – the Victory Day!
77 years ago, in May 1945, the most blood shedding war in the history of humanity came to an end. And today, we pay respect to those who have died on the battlefield, gone missing, those who had been selflessly working in the rears days and nights long to make the victory a little closer.
The Victory cost the [our] country millions of lives. The is no single family in the Russia that would not be influenced by war. And for generations that live today in Russia and all around the world it is vital to cherish the memory about those horrible pages of our history that were written during the Great Patriotic War. This tragedy must not be repeated.
The memory of heroes who protected our country and freed the world from fascism should live forever. Currently, we are witnessing the attempts to pervert and re-write history. So, it is extremely important to prevent neo-nazism, manifestations of which we can see in the world, from happening
Dear Friends, I would like to congratulate you on this sacred day. May you always live under peaceful skies, be happy and prosper. Happy Victory Day!

Moscow Poly president, Vladimir Miklushevskii

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