January 2022

Visit of Moscow Pupils during the Day of Russian Press

Moscow Poly held an educational event for the media class students of Moscow schools “School #МедиадетиПолитеха” during the Day of the Russian Press.

Several interactive exhibitions were hosted by the Museum of the History of Printing, Book Publishing and Moscow State University of Printing Arts named after Ivan Fyodorov of Moscow Poly. Participants had a chance to learn more about the history of printed media in Russia starting from Ivan Fyodorov and Petrine “Vedomosti” newspaper to the rare printings of the beginning of the XX century.

Master class sessions were hosted by Pyotr Bem, a lead artist of the “Kommersant. Dengi” magazine, and Diana Alieva, a voice actress.

Students had a talk on the media development trends and legends of Russian journalism with Roman Serebryany, a secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists, and Lyudmila Syomina, a chairperson of the All-Generation Journalist Club of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper.

Roman Serebryany gave pupils several pieces of advice: “Journalism is a profession uniting technology and creativity. The main principles of the profession didn’t change. Journalism works with facts, serves public interest and media ethics. You will have to master the strength of words and be precise in formulization, to learn a lot and be prepared to master something new, to experiment with form and content in order to remain in a high demand of your audience. My main advice is to read more and learn to ask questions and have these questions!”

Excursions went beyond the historic part. Participants could also visit a modern typography – “Alpha-Design” – to learn more about prepress, printing and postpress processes. Guests got their covers and posters printed on the modern polygraph equipment. Now every pupil knows what a difficult task publishing is and how digital technologies widen the borders of the general meaning of “printing”. “5D Polygraphy” is a real trade mark, not just a dream.

Pupils learned that print and media area is a very multifaceted field. Future journalist, polygraphist, graphic designer, advertiser, publisher, IT specialists and even material engineers are able to fulfill themselves in this field. Studying at Moscow Poly allows you to master any of these specialties, find like-minded associates for project activities, meet with a future employer and prove yourselves in scientific, creative and social activities.

The first professional day of the future media professionals was a success.

The event was hosted with a support from the Moscow Department of Education and Science and the Municipal Methodic Center.

“History of Printing and Russian Printing” exhibition will be opened until the end of January. An application link for the exibition can be found here (in Russian).

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