February 2023

Free Vaccination Against COVID-19 Continues in Moscow

The best vaccination against COVID-19 is vaccination. The vaccine is two-component so, it`s done in two stages. That gives a strong immune response.

One can get COVID-19 vaccinated if:

They are a Russian 18+ citizen

They are NOT a participant of COVID-19 clinic trials

They did NOT have an acute exacerbation of chronic di

They did NOT get acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) 2 weeks before the vaccination

One can get vaccinated at hospitals by appointments made in advance on the Moscow mayor`s official website. One can also get vaccinated without appointment in the queue in shopping malls and other public places where mobile vaccination teams work. See the working hours of the mobile vaccination teams here.

To get a I vaccine shot, one needs:

  • Passport
  • Obligatory medical insurance policy
  • Personal insurance number (SNILS)

To get a II vaccine shot, one needs:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Obligatory medical insurance policy
  • Passport
  • Personal Insurance Number (SNILS)

Please, follow the personal protection recommendations and stay healthy!

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