March 2023

Moscow Poly to Create New Allows for Arctic Vehicles

Moscow Poly crew is to engage in making new materials by means of adding calcium to the alluminium alloys and creating electrodeposit coating on their surface. The results gained are to be implemented in transportation systems of the arctic regions, as shared by the TASS news.

“The main goal is to create new materials with coating. Correspondently, it`s about selection of alloy components, creating optimal structure that would allow to obtain a materials with the properties necessary for arctic region. And after that, based on this alloy choose coatings that have the desired properties”, – notes the candidate of chemical sciences, head of the department of “Physics” Daria Strekalina.

The considered alloys for the Al-Mg-Ca-Mn system are supposed to become a decent alternative to the type AMg alloys (Aluminum – Magnesium) that are not worse in terms of technology, corrosion resistance and possess a lower density.

“The project aims at creating a new light alloy. This means that if we manage to use it in the Artic region under conditions of low temperatures then we might as well be able to use it in other spheres. For instance, we would like that the obtained alloy would be applicable in car manufacturing industry”, – shares Daria Strekalina.

The project will be implemented in several stages: selection of alloying elements for the new alloys, creating and studying new alloys, structural optimization, developing and coating. As a result, we`re planning to obtain large capacity workpieces for the mass production. The project is financed from the funds of the Russian Scientific Foundation within the “Holding Research on the Base of the Corresponding Scientific Infrastructure of the International Level” contest. The research will last for 4 years.  

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