February 2023

Moscow Poly to Talk on Quantum Entanglement Effect

Moscow Poly student scientific community continues its work in the new year and is inviting students to take part in a lecture on “How to Untangle Quantum Entaglement?” commemorated to the Day of Science.

The lecture will be held by the candidate of chemical science, head of Moscow Poly department of “Physics”, member of the LHCb collaboration under the Eauropean Organization for Nuclear Research Daria Strekalina. The expert will share what physicists receive Noble award, and explain in plain language what quantum entanglement effect is.

“At the lecture, we`ll talk on physical effects in a nutshell and try to figure out what`s going on in the world of quantum physics and whether it can improve our world”, – shared the organization committee.

The meeting will take place on 8 February at 18:30 in Moscow Poly Entrepreneurship “Tochka Kipeniya” (Bolshaya Semyonovskaya street, 38, “A-100” office).

To participate in the event, one has to register.

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