April 2023

Moscow Poly Held Movie Showcase as Tribute to Victims of Fascism

The international round table “On Something That Should Never Repeat Again” took place at Moscow Poly. The meeting was commemorated to the International Day of Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps – April 11 – and Memorial Day of Genocide of the Russian People during the Great Patriotic War – April 19. The Participants watched such films as “Obyknovenny Fashism” (“Ordinary Fascism”), “Igi I Smotri” (“Go and See”), “Malchik v Polosatoi Pizhame” (“Boy in a Striped Pijamas”), “Sud v Nurnberge: Khronika Voiny” (“Nurnberg Court: War Chronicles”).

The round table was organized by the “Humanitarian Disciplines” department under the Moscow Poly faculty of basic competences. The participants of the event discussed the relevant issues of preserving historical memory of fascism victims.

In his welcoming speech, the assistant professor Vasily Rogozhin emphasized the importance of knowledge about the origins of fascism, danger of the dehumanization process and scary consequences of fascism that the world faces.

In their reports, students brought up questions of fascism expansion among young people from different social groups, mass crimes against humanity organized by the Third Reich, and global condemnation of fascism during Nuremberg Trial. 


The reports by the international colleagues mostly touched upon the relevance of honoring the memory of the Great Patriotic and II World Wars, as well as the necessity of taking in into consideration of the sad historical experience that civil citizens have dearly paid for.

In the end of the event, the participants exchanged the importance of interdisciplinary and intergeneration dialogue to deal with the burning challenges of modernity. They came to the common conclusion that it`s crucial to combat beyond national and out-of-time essence of fascism through cherishing historical memory, preservation and development of humanitarian values, as well as fighting the threat of dehumanization.

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