March 2023

Moscow Poly ENGEL Lab Teaches Plastic Processing by Injection Molding

In 2019, Moscow Poly established the “ENGEL” certified training center that has been carrying its activity at the base of the University ever since. ENGEL is a company engaged in manufacturing equipment for plastic processing by injection molding. So far, over 60 employees fr om Russian enterprises have mastered this method at the University. The University students take up regular trainings to learn all kinds of activities. Currently, there are plans to start lectures within the further professional training degree.

According to the “Chemical Technology Processes and Apparatuses” department professor Igor Skopintsev, the ENGEL lab is equipped with an ENGEL Victory automated injection-moulding machine. The complex is characterized with its enhanced production including the opportunity to change casting pieces right in the process of production cycle. The machine works the following way: after insertion molding grains melt and is injected to the casting form. After that the piece gets cooled down and moved away by the manipulating robot.

The equipment is meant for mass production of a wide range of polymer grains-made materials for car manufacturing, medicine and everyday life. Apart from ordinary polymers, it can also process various kinds of polymer-composite materials.

The lab crew teaches specialists from different enterprises, and surely Moscow Poly students, how to operate the tools. The program includes theoretical and practical aspects of operating to moulding machine. The participants of the course and the University students can take up an educational course in injection moulding wh ere production aspects and issues of the equipment operation, machine key units and details, as well as necessary technological process are studied. At almost all classes the students personally get to know how to operate the moulding machine.

“In the future, when graduates get employed at the production units for plastic processing and face similar equipment they already know its features and functionality and know to work with it”, – Igor Skopintsev highlights.

For students, apart from ordinary formats of academic load the lab envisages for “project activity” classes. They [students] can carry out different projects in developing, making and installing the forming materials to this specific type of equipment. They also have an opportunity make pilot batches of products together with ENGEL.

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