April 2023

School Students Launched Autonomous Transportation System in NTO Finals

The National Technological Olympiad finals in “Autonomous Transportation Systems” that was organized by Moscow Poly has come to an end in Moscow. 36 high school students from 12 Russian regions, from St. Petersburg to the Altai Krai, took part in the final stage of the contest.

“Moscow Poly is a long-standing NTO partner, and the ‘Autonomous Transportation Systems’ profile held by it is one of the oldest in the olympiad. Over the years, it has significantly complicated. This season, the finalists tried to practically master the work with the most demanded today digital tools: computer vision, neural networks and other methods of computer learning in the field of applied tasks in mobile robotics”, – noted NTO executive secretary to the organization committee Dmitry Zemtsov.

In the course of the 6 days of the contest, the finalists created and launched multi-modal transportation system with application of computer vision and AI technologies to deliver products from the factory to the customer without human intervention. The transportation system that school students were working on includes 3 devices programmed by the participants: unmanned car, automated distribution hub and quadcopter.

“For a week, Moscow Poly welcomed the school students that excel specifically in the field area of the University, representatives of the leading companies in the industry that specialize in developing and manufacturing unmanned flying vehicles, unmanned cars”, – noted the dean of the Engineering School (faculty) under Moscow Poly Olga Pronskaya.

The winner in the team track in “Autonomous Transportation Systems” field area became the “SiBear” team: Konstantin Karmanov, David Safarov (both from the Moscow region), Konstantin Bykov and Elizaveta Baiguzhakova (both from the Novosibirsk region).

In the individual track, the first place shared Kirill Artamonov (Republic of Mordovia) and Konstantin Karmanov (Moscow region). The prize-winning places in the individual track went to David Safarov from the Moscow region, Konstantin Bykov, Denis Rusinovich and Elizaveta Baiguzhakova from the Novosibirsk region, as well as Moscow citizens Dmitry Chentsov and Anastasia Popova.


Moscow Poly has been acting as an “Autonet” NTI infrastructure center since 2021, that allowed us to actively engage into implementation of the projects under the National Technological Initiative. In this period of time, we managed to gather under one roof a pool of scientists, create a big community that unites experts and manufacturers. Special attention in our work we pay to promotion of the industry among young people – both high school and university students”, – shared the Autonet NTI expert, acting head of Moscow Poly “Autonet” research center Alexander Karlovskii.

The “Autonomous Transportation Systems” profile, alongside with the other 27 NTO tracks, is on the checklist by Russian Board for School Olympiads. That means that the winners and prize-winners will be able to receive 100 points in National State Examination and other incentives and benefits when applying to the leading Russian technical Universities. Overall, over 130 thousands of students from Russia and abroad registered for the 8th season of the olympiad. A series of NTO final stages lasted until April 8. 


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