May 2023

Moscow Poly “Art Polytech” to Teach Elocution and Art of Acting

On May 24, at the “Art Polytech” venue there`ll be a creative meeting held in the framework of the “Women`s Vision” exhibition’ with a “FastStart” center teacher Yanina Sukhova. Yanina is a teacher of elocution and art of acting, actress and tv and radio host. After the meeting, the guests will take the tours around the exhibition.

The meeting will take place on 24 May at 17:00 at the exhibition venue for cultural programs and modern exhibition technologies – “Art Polytech” (Avtozavodskaya street, 16).

The meeting is organized for international students but any University or an employee can visit.

Yanina will speak on how not to be afraid of speaking in public and how to develop the skill of speaking fearlessly, come on stage and live freely, effectively gesture and behave naturally in front of audience. These are the skills that will be useful for any person nowadays.

The tour around the “Women`s Vision” exposition that will take place after the meeting will be held in English.

This is a unique project design to emphasize a special role and mission of women in the society and is organized by Moscow Poly together with the ‘Cultural Heritage’ international foundation. At the exhibition, there are over 70 canvases displayed. The visitors will get a chance to admire the works by the merited artists of Russia – Ekaterina Grigorieva, Irina Rybakov and the Russian national artists, RAA academician Tatiana Nazarenko and many others.

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